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Storage Wars TV Show

Storage Wars Cast
Series Description

Storage Wars is a 60 minute reality series on A&E about a bunch of guys and a lady who seek out treasures buried inside storage lockers in California. When people don't pay their storage fees then their lockers are sold and a select group of buyers make a living out of finding storage locker gold! It's one of the most competitive businesses you'll ever see with buyers sometimes bidding up the price on something they don't really want just to make their competitors pay more. The excitement of what you will find in your locker makes Storage Wars a very entertaining show!

Storage Wars Cast

Jarrod Schulz .... Storage Locker Buyer
Brandi Passante .... Storage Locker Buyer
Darrell Sheets .... Storage Locker Buyer
Brandon Sheets .... Storage Locker Buyer
Ivy Calvin .... Storage Locker Buyer (2013-)
Rene Nezhoda .... Storage Locker Buyer (2013-)
Casey Nezhoda .... Storage Locker Buyer (2013-)
Dan Dotson .... Auctioneer
Laura Dotson .... Auctioneer
Barry Weiss .... Storage Locker Buyer (2010-2013)
Dave Hester .... Storage Locker Buyer (2010-2012)
Thom Beers .... Narrator

Storage Wars Trivia

One of the biggest questions asked about Storage Wars is, "Are Jarrod and Brandi married"? Even though A&E originally promoted them as a "husband and wife team of underdogs" on their Storage Wars website, the fact is that like many couples today they have never officially "tied the knot". They have however been together well over a decade and have two children together. Jarrod has stated that even though it's not legal that he is the, "most married man on Earth"!

Perhaps the second most popular question about Storage Wars is whether the items inside the lockers are "staged" in order to make it look like the buyers are finding better items. The answer is that nothing on the show is staged however they obviously don't feature the lockers that had nothing but old clothes in them. After all, who would watch that? So everything you see is real but of course you only see the most interesting stuff. The main buyers on Storage Wars all have nicknames. Dave Hester is called, "The Mogul". Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante are called, "The Young Guns". Darrell Sheets is, "The Gambler". Barry Weiss is, "The Collector". Dan and Laura Dotson, the auctioneers don't have a nickname. They run a company called, "American Auctioneers" and they run auction at numerous storage facilities in California.

If you think that there is nothing but junk in storage lockers that go up for sale, you couldn't be more wrong. Darrell Sheets for example has bought lockers with a huge rare comic book collection, 4 drawings by Pablo Picasso and a letter written by Abraham Lincoln that he sold for more than $15,000. Perhaps the record holder is Nabila Haniss who occasionally appears on the show. She gained notoriety when she bought a locker containing items that once belonged to Paris Hilton. While she has never revealed exactly what she got for the items, rumor has it that they went for somewhere around $1 million!

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