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American Hoggers

American Hoggers Cast

Series Description

The American Hoggers TV show was a 30 minute reality series on A&E about Jerry Campbell, his son Robert and daughter Krystal who tracked down and removed wild hogs from areas where they were threatening harm to the landowners or destroying their property. Their quest was no joke as wild hogs are extremely intelligent animals and dangerous. The Campbells looked like they're a family out of the old West when they mounted their horses to pursue their quarry but they also used modern tools like a jeep customized to capture hogs and GPS tracking systems to pin down the location of their lairs.

American Hoggers Cast

Jerry Campbell
Robert Campbell
Krystal Campbell
Lea Penick

American Hoggers Trivia

Wild hogs in the United States are often referred to as "razorbacks". They were introduced to the Americas beginning in the 1500s by the earliest of the Europeon explorers. Christopher Columbus himself set hogs free in the West Indies during his second voyage so that in a few years there would be a supply of wild pork available as an "easy" food supply. Ponce de Leon and Hernando de Soto are believed to have done the same in Florida in 1521 and 1539, respectively.

The current population of wild hogs in the U.S. is approximately five million and they do nearly one billion dollars worth of property damage each year!

Wild hogs are a real problem since they reproduce so quickly! A sow can mate when she's only 6 months old and her pregnancy only lasts about 115 days! Each sow can have up to two litters of ten offspring each! The baby hogs are quickly weaned with the ability to eat solid foods in as little as two weeks time and wild hogs have virtually no natural predators.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

American Hoggers' Season 1

  1. Meet the Campbells (10/19/2011)
  2. Junkyard Hog (10/19/2011)
  3. Life on the Line (10/26/2011)
  4. Man Down (10/26/2011)
  5. Cage Match (11/2/2011)
  6. Calf Killer (11/2/2011)
  7. Sour Grapes (11/9/2011)
  8. Boar Wars (11/9/2011)
  9. Apocalypse Hog (11/16/2011)

American Hoggers' Season 2

  1. Over The Hill (8/15/2012)
  2. When Push Comes To Shove (8/15/2012)
  3. I Hate A Calf Killer (8/22/2012)
  4. Old Hog New Tricks (8/22/2012)
  5. Best Laid Plans (8/29/2012)
  6. Dead In The Bayou (8/29/2012)
  7. Family Matters (9/5/2012)
  8. Nemesis (9/12/2012)
  9. Up The Creek (9/12/2012)
  10. New Recruit (9/19/2012)
  11. Ranger Come Home (9/19/2012)
  12. The End is Near (10/3/2012)
  13. Pistol Whipped (10/3/2012)

American Hoggers' Third Season

  1. Before the Storm (4/16/2013)
  2. Breaking Point (4/16/2013)
  3. Separate Ways (4/23/2013)
  4. To Catch a Pig (4/23/2013)
  5. Turf War (4/30/2013)
  6. Hog-Blocking (4/30/2013)
  7. Stuck in the Mud (5/7/2013)
  8. Heartache (5/14/2013)
  9. Turning Point (5/28/2013)
  10. Swamped (5/28/2013)

American Hoggers' Fourth Season

  1. New Recruit (10/22/2013)
  2. Divide and Conquer (10/22/2013)
  3. Makin' Tracks (10/29/2013)
  4. Real Texas Hero (10/29/2013)
  5. Hogwash (11/5/2013)
  6. Two Steps Forward... (11/5/2013)
  7. Campbell vs. Campbell (11/12/2013)
  8. Blazed and Confused (11/12/2013)
  9. Sweet Revenge (11/19/2013)
  10. And the Winner is (11/19/2013)

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