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Matt Houston

Matt Houston Cast

Series Description

Matt Houston was a 60 minute crime drama series on ABC about a rich, playboy, private investigator who specialized in cases involving serious crimes (most often murder).

Matt Houston Cast

Lee Horsley ................ Matt Houston
George Wyner ............... Murray Chase
Pamela Hensley ............. C.J. Parsons
Lincoln Kilpatrick ......... Michael Hoyt
Cis Rundle ................. Chris
John Aprea ................. Lieutenant Vince Novelli
Paul Brinegar .............. Lamar Pettybone
Penny Santon ............... Mama Rosa Novelli
Dennis Fimple .............. Bo
Buddy Ebsen ................ Roy Houston

Matt Houston Trivia


Before starring on Matt Houston, Lee Horsley co-starred with William Conrad on the 1981 version of "Nero Wolfe". That was a fantastic opportunity as it was Lee's first credited role! Unfortunately, the series only lasted 14 episodes. After Matt Houston ended, Lee got another series, "Paradise" that ran for a respectable three seasons and 57 episodes! As soon as that show ended, Lee moved right into another starring role on, "Bodies of Evidence" but that one also only survived for 16 episodes.

Matt Houston was a millionaire oil man from Texas and worked at his detective agency that was based in Los Angeles, California in his free time.

Lee Horsley is one of those actors whose private lives are relatively unknown to the public. It helps to stay out of the smutt magazines when you have a solid family life like Lee. He's been married to the same woman since 1980. He and his wife, "Stephanie Downer" have one daughter and one son in their mid-twenties (as of 2008).

For those who only recognize Pamela Hensley as C.J. on Matt Houston, she also starred as the beautiful "Princess Ardala" on "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century". She also co-starred as "Beth Kelly" on Raymond Burr's series, "Kingston: Confidential" and guest-starred on numerous other TV shows.

Matt Houston originally came from Texas to California to manage his father's off-shore oil drilling operations but his true love soon became chasing down the scum of the earth criminals that he found through one of his many sideline businesses, his detective agency. With nearly unlimited funds, Matt could use one of his many cars to chase criminals or if they were really elusive, he could fire up his helicopter and chase them from the air!

Matt Houston was an Aaron Spelling Production. Aaron was the king of TV producers with a nearly unbelievable number of hit series to his credit including, "Johnny Ringo (1959)", "The Addams Family (1964)", "The Mod Squad (1968)", "The Rookies (1972)", "Starsky and Hutch (1975)", "Charlie's Angels (1976)", "The Love Boat (1977)", "Fantasy Island (1978)", "Hart to Hart (1979)", "Dynasty (1981)", "T.J. Hooker (1982)", "Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990)", "Melrose Place (1992)", "7th Heaven (1996)", "Charmed (1998)".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

  1. X-22 (2 Part Special) (9/26/1982)
  2. Stop The Presses (10/3/1982)
  3. Deadly Fashion (10/17/1982)
  4. Killing Isn't Everything (10/24/1982)
  5. Who Would Kill Ramona? (10/31/1982)
  6. Recipe For Murder (11/7/1982)
  7. Shark Bait (11/21/1982)
  8. The Kidnapping (11/28/1982)
  9. Joey's Here (12/5/1982)
  10. The Good Doctor (12/12/1982)
  11. The Rock and The Hard Place (1/2/1983)
  12. The Purrfect Crime (1/9/1983)
  13. The Yacht Club Murders (1/16/1983)
  14. Whose Party Is This Anyway? (1/23/1983)
  15. Get Houston (2/20/1983)
  16. The Visitors (2/27/1983)
  17. Here's Another Fine Mess (3/6/1983)
  18. The Beverly Hills Social Club (3/13/1983)
  19. The Showgirl Murders (3/20/1983)
  20. Fear For Tomorrow (4/3/1983)
  21. A Deadly Parlay (4/10/1983)
  22. A Novel Way To Die (4/17/1983)
  23. The Hunted (4/24/1983)

The Second Season

  1. Heritage (2 Part Special) (9/9/1983)
  2. The Woman In White (9/16/1983)
  3. Love You To Death (9/23/1983)
  4. The Centerfold Murders (9/30/1983)
  5. Needle In A Haystack (10/7/1983)
  6. Marilyn (10/21/1983)
  7. The Ghost of Carter Gault (10/28/1983)
  8. China Doll (11/4/1983)
  9. Butterfly (11/18/1983)
  10. The Crying Clown (11/25/1983)
  11. The Outsider (12/2/1983)
  12. Target: Miss World (12/23/1983)
  13. The Monster (1/6/1984)
  14. Waltz of Death (1/13/1984)
  15. Houston Is Dead (1/20/1984)
  16. >Criss-Cross (1/27/1984)
  17. The Bikini Murders (2/3/1984)
  18. Death Match (2/24/1984)
  19. Blood Ties (3/2/1984)
  20. The Secret Admirer (3/9/1984)
  21. Cash and Carry (3/23/1984)
  22. On The Run - Part 1 (3/30/1984)

The Third Season

  1. Wanted Man - Part 2 (9/21/1984)
  2. Vanished (9/28/1984)
  3. Eyewitness (10/12/1984)
  4. Apostle of Death (10/19/1984)
  5. Caged (10/26/1984)
  6. Return to Nam - Part 1 (11/2/1984)
  7. Escape from Nam - Part 2 (11/9/1984)
  8. High Fashion Murders (11/16/1984)
  9. Death Stalk (11/23/1984)
  10. Blood Money (11/30/1984)
  11. Deadly Games (12/7/1984)
  12. Stolen (12/21/1984)
  13. The Nightmare Man (1/4/1985)
  14. Breakpoint (1/11/1985)
  15. Death Trap (1/18/1985)
  16. The Honeymoon Murders (1/25/1985)
  17. Beach Club Murders (2/1/1985)
  18. New Orleans Nightmare (2/8/1985)
  19. Company Secrets (2/15/1985)
  20. Killing Time (2/22/1985)
  21. Death Watch (3/15/1985)
  22. Final Vows (3/29/1985)

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