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Nero Wolfe Cast
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The Nero Wolfe TV show was a 60 minute drama series on NBC.

Nero Wolfe Cast

William Conrad .... Nero Wolfe
Lee Horsley .... Archie Goodwin
Allan Miller .... Inspector Cramer
George Wyner .... Saul Panzer
George Voskovec .... Fritz Brenner
Robert Coote .... Theodore Horstman

Nero Wolfe Trivia

There was another Nero Wolfe TV show that aired in 2001/2002 for 29 episodes and four Nero Wolfe Radio shows!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Golden Spiders (1/16/1981)
  2. Death On The Doorstep (1/23/1981)
  3. Before I Die (1/30/1981)
  4. Wolfe At The Door (2/6/1981)
  5. Might As Well Be Dead (2/13/1981)
  6. To Catch A Dead Man (2/20/1981)
  7. In The Best Of Families (3/6/1981)
  8. Murder By The Book (3/13/1981)
  9. What Happened To April? (3/20/1981)
  10. Gambit (4/3/1981)
  11. Death And The Dolls (4/10/1981)
  12. The Murder In Question (4/17/1981)
  13. Blue Ribbon Hostage (5/5/1981)
  14. Sweet Revenge (6/2/1981)

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