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The Hogan Family TV Show (aka: "Valerie")

The Hogan Family Cast

Series Description

The Hogan Family TV show was a 30 minute family comedy series that aired on NBC for the first five seasons and then on CBS for the final season. It began as a show about a working mother who was doing her best at bringing up her three boys mostly alone because her husband was gone most of the time in his job as an airline pilot. Before the third season began shooting, Valerie Harper left the show. The boys' Aunt moved in to take over the "mom" role but the general plot remained about the day-to-day lives of the members of the typical middle-class, suburban household.

Hogan Family Cast

Jason Bateman ............... David Hogan
Luis Daniel Ponce ........... Willie Hogan
Jeremy Licht ................ Mark Hogan
Josh Taylor ................. Michael Hogan
Edie McClurg ................ Mrs. Patty Poole
Tom Hodges .................. Rich (1986-1990)
Sandy Duncan ................ Sandy Hogan (1987-1991)
Steve Witting ............... Burt (1987-1991)
Valerie Harper .............. Valerie Hogan (1986-1987)

Hogan Family Theme Song

Title: "Together Through the Years"

Composed By: "Charles Fox" and "Stephen Geyer"

Performed By: "Roberta Flack"

Through The Years

Life is such a sweet insanity
The more you learn the less you know
In the heart of every family
There's a love that starts by letting go.

Step by step and day by day,
Reaching out along the way
Hand in hand we think of you
Together through the years we get stronger
Happiness and tears
And in our minds we share
The laughter and the sadness
A special kind of gladness
Together through the years

Life is such a sweet insanity
It's nice to know your friends are here
In the heart of every family
There's a love that's waiting there for you.

Through the years.

Hogan Family Trivia


Valerie Harper left the cast of The Hogan Family over a contract dispute. In response, the writers killed her character and replaced her with Sandy Duncan who played the boys Aunt.

The name of this series actually started out as "Valerie". After Valerie Harper left, that had to change so it was changed to "Valerie's Family". Even that still referred to a character that no longer existed so it was changed once again to, "The Hogan Family". Today, the entire series' run is typically referred to as The Hogan Family.

The house used for exterior shots on The Hogan Family is located at 565 Cahuenga Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. It had previously used for the house on "Happy Days" but it was painted a different color then.

Many of the sets used for the scenes inside the Hogan's house were also used on "Family Matters" and "Step by Step".

In 1988, The Hogan Family" was nominated for a "Young Artist Award" for "Best Family Comedy Series" but "Growing Pains" won. In 1989, it was nominated again for "Best Family Television Series" but "The Wonder Years" got that one. Several of the Cast also got Young Artist Award nominations. The only one who won though was Laura Jacoby in 1988 for "Best Young Actress Guest Starring in a Television Comedy Series".

If you never saw The Hogan Family, you might still know Jason Bateman from his role as "Michael Bluth" from 2003-2006 on "Arrested Development".

Valerie Harper achieved fame via her role as Mary Richards best friend Rhoda Morgenstern on the series, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". Valerie's character was so well loved that she got her own series appropriately titled, "Rhoda". Rhoda rans for a respectable four and a half seasons!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

  1. Old Enough (aka: "Goddess") (3/1/1986)
  2. The Six (3/3/1986)
  3. The Wrong Stuff (3/10/1986)
  4. One of the Boys (3/17/1986)
  5. Benefit of the Doubt (3/24/1986)
  6. Dog Day Afternoon (3/31/1986)
  7. Happy Anniversary (4/7/1986)
  8. This Son for Hire (4/14/1986)
  9. Sick House (5/5/1986)
  10. Executive Material (5/19/1986)

The Second Season

  1. Full Moon (9/28/1986)
  2. The Big Fix-Up (10/5/1986)
  3. Of Human Blondage (10/12/1986)
  4. Caught on a Hot Tin Roof (11/2/1986)
  5. Leave It to Willie (11/9/1986)
  6. Dr. No (11/16/1986)
  7. One of a Kind (11/23/1986)
  8. The Roots of All Evil (11/30/1986)
  9. Small Packages (12/7/1986)
  10. The Way We're Not (12/14/1986)
  11. Boston Tea Party (1/4/1987)
  12. Never on Tuesday (1/11/1987)
  13. Wooly Bully (1/18/1987)
  14. Bad Timing (2/8/1987)
  15. A Night to Remember (2/15/1987)
  16. Whose Team is It Anyway? (2/22/1987)
  17. Community Theatre (3/1/1987)
  18. Hogan vs. Hogan (3/16/1987)
  19. Oedipus Wrecks (3/23/1987)
  20. Shape Up and Move Out (4/6/1987)
  21. Babes in the Woods (4/13/1987)
  22. The Return of Uncle Skip (5/4/1987)

The Third Season

  1. Movin' On (9/21/1987)
  2. Liars and Other Strangers (9/28/1987)
  3. Burned Out (10/5/1987)
  4. Take My Wife, Please (10/12/1987)
  5. You've Got to Believe (10/19/1987)
  6. A Room With No View (11/2/1987)
  7. You Bet Your Life (11/9/1987)
  8. School of Hard Knocks (11/16/1987)
  9. Nightmare on Oak Street (11/23/1987)
  10. Poetic Injustice (12/16/1987)
  11. Love with the Proper Hogan (12/28/1987)
  12. Faulty Attraction (1/4/1988)
  13. Teacher's Pet (1/11/1988)
  14. Mother Poole's Visit (1/18/1988)
  15. Mark and Willie's Day Off (1/25/1988)
  16. A Restaurant Named Desire (2/15/1988)
  17. The King and I (2/22/1988)
  18. Skip III: The Bailout (3/7/1988)
  19. Help Wanted (3/14/1988)
  20. 48 Hours (3/21/1988)
  21. Close Encounters (5/2/1988)

The Fourth Season

  1. Animal House (10/3/1988)
  2. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (10/10/1988)
  3. Dad's First Date (10/17/1988)
  4. Foiled Again (11/14/1988)
  5. Save Baby Mark (11/21/1988)
  6. Saturday Night Feverish (11/28/1988)
  7. Tobacco Road (12/5/1988)
  8. The Big Sleep (12/12/1988)
  9. Secretarial Poole (1/9/1989)
  10. Strangers On a Train (1/16/1989)
  11. The Naked Truth (1/23/1989)
  12. Rebel with a Cause (2/13/1989)
  13. Boy Meets Girl - Part 1 (2/20/1989)
  14. Boy Loses Girl - Part 2 (2/27/1989)
  15. Viva Las Vegas (3/6/1989)
  16. Double Date (3/13/1989)
  17. The Long Goodbye (3/20/1989)
  18. Oh Dad, Poor Dad (3/27/1989)
  19. Slapshot (4/3/1989)
  20. Private Lessons (4/23/1989)
  21. Coming to America (5/8/1989)

The Fifth Season

  1. Paris - Part 1 (9/18/1989)
  2. Paris - Part 2 (9/25/1989)
  3. Paris - Part 3 (10/2/1989)
  4. Tracks of My Tears (10/9/1989)
  5. The Rivals (10/16/1989)
  6. License to Drive (10/23/1989)
  7. The Hospital (11/6/1989)
  8. Get a Job (11/13/1989)
  9. Stir Crazy (11/20/1989)
  10. Educating Rita (11/27/1989)
  11. Stan and Deliver (12/4/1989)
  12. Sandy in Love (12/11/1989)
  13. Snowbound (1/8/1990)
  14. Bad Day at Bossy Burger (1/15/1990)
  15. The Franklin Family (1/22/1990)
  16. Forget Me Not (1/29/1990)
  17. Heartburn (2/5/1990)
  18. The Go-Between (2/19/1990)
  19. Used Car (2/26/1990)
  20. Mutiny on the Bossy (3/5/1990)
  21. Crimes and Misdemeanors (3/12/1990)
  22. A Matter of Principal (3/19/1990)
  23. Prom, Lies and Videotape (5/7/1990)

The Sixth Season

  1. California Dreamin' - Part 1 (9/15/1990)
  2. California Dreamin' - Part 2 (9/22/1990)
  3. The Baby Stops Here (9/29/1990)
  4. The Play's the Thing (10/13/1990)
  5. From Russia with Fries (10/27/1990)
  6. Ex Marks the Spot (11/3/1990)
  7. Come Fly With Me (11/10/1990)
  8. It Happened One Night . . . Or Did It? (11/17/1990)
  9. The Best of Friends, Worst of Times (12/1/1990)
  10. A Sneaking Suspicion (7/10/1991)
  11. A Family Affair (7/17/1991)
  12. Isn't It Romantic? (7/20/1991)
  13. Ho, Ho, Hogans (7/20/1991)

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