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The Women's Murder Club TV show was a 60 minute detective drama series on ABC about four women who use their individual skills collaboratively in order to solve murders in San Francisco, California. The first one is an assistant district attorney, the second a police homicide detective, the third a medical examiner, and the fourth was a newspaper reporter. By working together they assemble pieces of evidence that no one of them could have found alone and they bring murderors to justice who would otherwise have surely evaded capture.

Women's Murder Club Cast

Angie Harmon .... Lindsay Boxer
Laura Harris .... Jill Bernhardt
Paula Newsome .... Claire Washburn
Rob Estes .... Tom Hogan
Aubrey Dollar .... Cindy Thomas
Tyrees Allen .... Warren Jacobi
Coby Ryan McLaughlin .... Luke Bowen
Kyle Secor .... Hanson North
Jonathan Adams .... Ed Washburn
Ever Carradine .... Heather Hogan nee Donnelly
Joel Gretsch .... Pete Raynor

Women's Murder Club Trivia

The Women's Murder Club TV series was based on the Women's Murder Club novels by author, James Patterson.

There was a pilot episodes of Women's Murder Club that was produced in order to sell the series but never aired. Christopher Wiehl played the role of Tom Hogan in that pilot with Rob Estes taking over for the 13 aired episodes. Christopher Wiehl must be close to holding a record for the most starring roles in short run TV series. He either starred or had recurring roles on "Jericho", "Playmakers", "Love Monkey", "First Monday", and "Bull".

ABC originally ordered ten episodes of the Women's Murder Club TV show. At the end of October of 2007 they ordered an additional three episodes but a writers' strike prevented the production of those in time for their desired broadcast date in January and February of 2008. The series was nearly canceled in the middle of February but on the 23rd of that month ABC announced that the additional three episodes would be broadcast in April and May. Of course, most fans missed those due to the nearly four month break and ratings dropped even further so the series was canceled.

It certainly didn't help the show's chances of remaining on the air when San Francisco Chronicle TV critic, Tim Goodman, gave the show his lowest possible rating! The series got mixed reviews, however, with many other critics basically stating that the Women's Murder Club was ok but not great.

A Women's Murder Club video game was sold for the Nintendo DS system in 2009. It also got mediocre reviews.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Welcome to the Club (10/12/2007)
  2. Train In Vain (10/19/2007)
  3. Blind Dates and Bleeding Hearts (10/26/2007)
  4. Grannies, Guns and Love Mints (11/2/2007)
  5. Maybe, Baby (11/9/2007)
  6. Play Through the Pain (11/15/2007)
  7. The Past Comes Back to Haunt You (11/16/2007)
  8. No Opportunity Necessary (11/23/2007)
  9. To Drag and to Hold (12/7/2007)
  10. FBI Guy (1/4/2008)
  11. Father's Day (4/29/2008)
  12. And the Truth Will (Sometimes) Set You Free (5/6/2008)
  13. Never Tell (5/13/2008)

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