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Werewolf was a 30 minute fantasy/action series on the FOX Network about a man (Eric Cord) without a problem in the world who suddenly had his life torn apart when he got attacked by a creature whose bite turned him into a werewolf! To make matters worse, he became wanted by the authorities for a murder he didn't commit and was pursued by a bounty hunter who knew that Eric was a werewolf and had the silver bullets that could kill him. Meanwhile, Eric searched for the werewolf whose death would return Eric back to permanent human form.

Werewolf Cast

John J. York .... Eric Cord (1987-1988)
Chuck Connors .... Janos Skorzeny (1987-1988)
Lance LeGault .... Alamo Joe Rogin (1987-1988)
Brian Thompson .... Nicholas Remy (1987-1988)
Ethan Phillips .... Eddie Armonni (1987)
David Cowgill .... Deputy Lansford (1987)
Kim Johnston Ulrich .... Diane Bathory (1988)
Chuck Long .... Eddie Cord (1988)
Ben Zeller .... Bob Phillips (1988)
Kevin Gage .... Actor (1987)
Todd Bryant .... Young Skorzeny (1988)
Alex Daniels .... Mime (1988)
Henry Beckman .... Doc (1987-1988)

Werewolf Trivia

The werewolf played by Chuck Connors (better known as "Lucas McCain" on "The Rifleman"and "Jason McCord" on "Branded") was named, "Janos Skorzeny" after the vampire on "The Night Stalker TV show.

Chuck Connors final appearance on the Werewolf TV show was in episode #9, "Friendly Haven". His character (Janos Skorzeny) appeared after that but only in werewolf costume or by using a body double. In the final episode that Skorzeny appeared, "To Dream of Wolves", Chuck Connors objected to the script because it showed "him" knealing in submission to a villain. Connors stated flatly that he did not want to be highlighted in that way. The producers went ahead anyway and used both the body double and old film of Connors for the scene. Connors consequently sued them and won!

Lance LeGault's last name is often mis-pronounced. It actually sounds like, "Luh-Go". He was the body double for Elvis Presley in several movies. In the 1964 film, "Kissin' Cousins", they goofed up on editing one scene and you can actually see Lance's face!

One of the reasons that Werewolf didn't last long was that FOX changed its time slot several times during its short time on the air. That makes it pretty hard for all but the finest series to build an audience!

Brian Thompson has played shape-shifting characters several times on both the big and small screen. He's done so on, "Werewolf" (1987), "Fright Night - Part 2 (1988)", "The X Files" (1993), "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997), and "Birds of Prey" (2002).

The real-life Nicholas Remy (1530-1616) was a French magistrate who became famous as a witch hunter. He was Catholic and persecuted his "witches" with the blessings of the Church. He became a witch hunter after his son was killed after a beggar woman cursed him for refusing to give her money. Remy prosecuted the woman for "bewitching" his son and had her put to death. He then became almost paranoid about finding other witches before they could harm good, God-fearing people. Remy claimed to be responsible for the death sentences of more than nine hundred witches between 1582 and 1592. Historical records can confirm well over 100!

Eight episodes of Werewolf were directed by multi-talented, "James Darren". James started his career as a teenage heartthrob in several movies including, "Gidget" (1959) and "Gidget Goes Hawaiian" (1961). He did such a fine job in those films that he had a hard time "shaking off" the image. He redirected his talents and got several small singing roles in films and even had several songs that became hits. In 1966, with his teenage idol image less remembered, he landed a starring role on the hit TV series, "The Time Tunnel". In 1982, he did it again on the show, "T.J. Hooker". In the 1970s, between those two series, he toured the country as a singer with comedian "Buddy Hackett" and guest starred on numerous TV shows. Jame began his directing career in the early 1980s and continued through the 1990s while also acting as a guest star and, as already mentioned, as a star on "T.J. Hooker". Perhaps he's most known to today's audiences, however, for his several appearance as the hologram singer, "Vic Fontane" on the series, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine".

There was a six-issue comic book series published by "Blackthorne Publishing" in July of 1988 that was based on the Werewolf TV show.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Werewolf - The First and Only Season

  1. Pilot - Part 1 (7/11/1987)
  2. Pilot - Part 2 (7/11/1987)
  3. Pilot - Part 3 (7/11/1987)
  4. Pilot - Part 4 (7/11/1987)
  5. Nightwatch (7/18/1987)
  6. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (7/25/1987)
  7. The Black Ship (8/1/1987)
  8. Spectre of the Wolf (8/8/1987)
  9. The Wolf Who Thought He Was a Man (8/15/1987)
  10. Nothing Evil in These Woods (8/29/1987)
  11. Running with the Pack (9/5/1987)
  12. Friendly Haven (9/26/1987)
  13. Let Us Prey (10/3/1987)
  14. A World of Difference - Part 1 (10/10/1987)
  15. A World of Difference - Part 2 (10/17/1987)
  16. The Unicorn (10/25/1987)
  17. All Hallow's Eve (10/31/1987)
  18. Blood on the Tracks (11/1/1987)
  19. Nightmare at the Braine Hotel (11/8/1987)
  20. Wolfhunt (11/15/1987)
  21. Blood Ties (11/22/1987)
  22. Big Daddy (11/29/1987)
  23. Eye of the Storm (12/6/1987)
  24. Nightmare in Blue (1/17/1988)
  25. Skinwalker (1/24/1988)
  26. King of the Road (2/7/1988)
  27. A Material Girl (2/14/1988)
  28. To Dream of Wolves - Part 1 (2/21/1988)
  29. To Dream of Wolves - Part 2 (2/28/1988)
  30. Blind Luck (3/6/1988)
  31. Gray Wolf (3/13/1988)
  32. Amazing Grace (5/22/1988)

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