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Branded TV Show

Branded TV Show

Series Description

The Branded TV show was a 30 minute western action series on NBC about a U.S. Cavalry Captain who is the only survivor of a battle and is, therefore, wrongly accused of cowardice and court-martialed. He is actually a hero and so honorable that he even refuses to testify against his commanding officer who was actually responsible for the wipe out of his unit.

Branded Cast

Chuck Connors ........... Captain Jason McCord

Theme Song

Title: "Branded"

By: "Dominic Frontiere & Alan Alch"

All but one man died.
There at Bitter Creek.
And they say he ran away.

Branded, scorned as the one who ran.
What do you do when you're branded, and you know you're a man.

Wherever you go, for the rest of your life
You must prove, you're a man.

Branded Trivia


During its first season, Branded was filmed in black & white. Then, in the second season, it was shot in color.

Branded was a Mark Goodson and Bill Todman Production. It was their only weekly series. They were the kings of game shows though with hits including "What's My Line", "I've Got A Secret", "Concentration", "To Tell the Truth", "Password", "The Match Game", "Family Feud", and "The Price is Right"!

Before becoming a TV star, Chuck Connors was a major league baseball player for the Chicago Cubs and he also played basketball for the Boston Celtics. In 1946, Chuck became the first NBA player to shatter a backboard! His 6 foot 5 inches of height might have had something to do with that!

During a state visit to the U.S., U.S.S.R. Premier Leonid Brezhnev was asked if he'd like to meet any famous Americans. The only one he wanted to meet was Chuck Connors! They even became such good friends that Chuck visited Russia on several occasions!

Footage from several episodes of the Branded TV show was edited into a TV movie that was titled, "Broken Sabre". It was broadcast on March 28, 1965.

On episode #65 of Branded titled, "Fill No Glass for Me - Part 2", Chuck (as Jason McCord) was stripped to his waist, tied to a tree, and left to die in the boiling sun by Indians. On episode #111 of his other western series, "The Rifleman" titled, "The Vaqueros", he got exactly the same treatment (as Lucas McCain) from Mexican bandits!

Chuck was also a "die hard" Republican and a close friend of President Richard Nixon. He could often be found as a guest at the White House.

Chuck Connors got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1985 and was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1991!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Survival (1/24/1965)
  2. The Vindicator (1/31/1965)
  3. The Test (2/7/1965)
  4. The Rules of the Game (2/14/1965)
  5. The Bounty (2/21/1965)
  6. Leap Upon Mountains... (2/28/1965)
  7. Coward Step Aside (3/7/1965)
  8. The Mission - Part 1(03/14/1965)
  9. The Mission - Part 2(03/21/1965)
  10. The Mission - Part 3(03/28/1965)
  11. The First Kill (4/4/1965)
  12. Very Few Heroes (4/11/1965)
  13. One Way Out (4/18/1965)
  14. The Brave Endure (4/25/1965)
  15. Taste of Poison (5/2/1965)
  16. Price of a Name (5/23/1965)

Season 2

  1. Judge Not (9/12/1965)
  2. Now Join the Human Race (9/19/1965)
  3. Mightier than the Sword (9/26/1965)
  4. I Killed Jason McCord (10/3/1965)
  5. The Bar Sinister (10/10/1965)
  6. Seward's Folly (10/17/1965)
  7. Salute the Soldier Briefly (10/24/1965)
  8. The Richest Man in Boot Hill (10/31/1965)
  9. Fill No Glass for Me - Part 1(11/7/1965)
  10. Fill No Glass for Me - Part 2(11/14/1965)
  11. The Greastest Coward on Earth (11/21/1965)
  12. $10,000 for Durango (11/28/1965)
  13. Romany Roundup - Part 1(12/5/1965)
  14. Romany Roundup - Part 2(12/12/1965)
  15. A Proud Town (12/19/1965)
  16. The Golden Fleece (1/2/1966)
  17. The Wolfers (1/9/1966)
  18. This Stage of Fools (1/16/1966)
  19. A Destiny Which Made Us Brothers (1/23/1966)
  20. McCord's Way (1/30/1966)
  21. Nice Day for a Hanging (2/6/1966)
  22. Barbed Wire (2/13/1966)
  23. Yellow for Courage (2/20/1966)
  24. Call to Glory - Part 1(02/27/1966)
  25. Call to Glory - Part 2(03/6/1966)
  26. Call to Glory - Part 3(03/13/1966)
  27. The Ghost of Murietta (3/20/1966)
  28. The Assassins - Part 1(03/27/1966)
  29. The Assassins - Part 2(04/3/1966)
  30. Headed for Doomsday (4/10/1966)
  31. Cowards Die Many Times (4/17/1966)
  32. Kellie (4/24/1966)

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