The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

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Series Description

The Twilight Zone was an anthology sci-fi series on CBS that ran for 60 minutes in its fourth season and for 30 minutes in all other seasons. Many of the episodes contained creatures from other worlds, other dimensions or from the supernatural realm. There was also "hard-core" science fiction dealing with subjects such as time travel and the exploration of space.

Twilight Zone Trivia Questions:

Answers are directly below the questions!

1... Which of the Twilight Zone episodes had no dialog until the very end?
2... How many Star Trek: The Original Series Cast appeared in the Twilight Zone episodes?
3... Which episode used props left over from the sci-fi classic "Forbidden Planet"?
4... What do "The Twilight Zone" and the movie, "Planet of the Apes" have in common?
5... In what episode does an airplane enter the Twilight Zone and find itself flying above an Earth populated by dinosaurs?
6... Which episode starred an actor that went on to star in Star Trek - The original series AND ALSO starred a future Quantum Leap star?
7... In which of the episodes are the opening and closing segments done as a silent film?
8... In episode #62 - "Shadow Play" why is Dennis Weaver so sure he's living in a nightmare?
9... After WWII, Rod Sterling tested experimental items for the U.S. Army. What type of items?
10. What was the first Twilight Zone episode NOT written by Rod Serling?
11. What did Rod Serling do (In television) before he created the Twilight Zone?
12. How many episodes were one-hour in length?

Twilight Zone Trivia Answers:

1... #51 - "The Invaders"
2... Four - William Shatner - Leonard Nimoy - James Doohan - George Takei
3... #14 - "Third From the Sun"
4... Rod Sterling wrote the scripts for the Twilight Zone and co-wrote the screenplay for The Planet of the Apes.
5... #54 - "The Odyssey of Flight 33"
6... #80 - "A Quality of Mercy" co-starred Leonard Nimoy AND Dean Stockwell
7... #78 - "Once Upon a Time"
8... Every time he has the nightmare, the people in it change roles. (E.G. - The Judge becomes an attourney)
9... He tested experimental parachutes for the Army at $500 per jump!
10. #9 - "Perchance to Dream"
11. He wrote screenplays for most of the TV anthology series of the 1950s. Best known for "Requiem For A Heavyweight" which appeared on the series, "Playhouse 90 (1956)".
12. The length of the episodes was increased from 30 minutes to one hour in the fourth season, then back to 30 minutes for the final season making 18 one-hour episodes.

Twilight Zone Opening Narrative

The Original Pilot: "There is a sixth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the sunlight of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area that might be called the Twilight Zone."

Season 1: "There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call the Twilight Zone."

Season 1 (Alternate): "You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

Season 2: "You're travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

Season 3: "You're travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

Seasons 4 and 5: "You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the Twilight Zone!"

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

1... Where Is Everybody? (10/2/1959)
2... One For The Angels (10/9/1959)
3... Mr. Denton On Doomsday (10/16/1959) - Starring Martin Landau ("Mission Impossible") & Doug McClure ("The Virginian"). A worn out gunslinger regains his gun-fighting abilities after taking a majic potion.
4... The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine (10/23/1959) - Starring Martin Balsam ("Archie Bunker's Place"). A "has been" movie star tries to recapture her days of fame by fanatically watching her old movies!
5... Walking Distance (10/30/1959) - Gig Young stars as a man who dreams of a simpler time! He gets there courtesy of the Twilight Zone! Also stars Ron Howard ("Andy Griffith Show").
6... Escape Clause (11/6/1959)
7... The Lonely (11/13/1959) - Stars Jack Warden ("Crazy Like A Fox") with Ted Knight ("Mary Tyler Moore Show") in a minor role. A man must spend 40 years alone on an asteroid for committing a murder. Alone, that is, except for a female android.
8... Time Enough At Last (11/20/1959) - Stars Burgess Meredith ("Mr. Novak") as a who wishes that people would leave him alone so he could read. After a nuclear attack leaving him as the only survivor, his wish comes true.... or does it?
9... Perchance To Dream (11/27/1959) - Due to a bad heart condition, a man fears that if he dies in his dream, the shock will actually kill him! He stops sleeping to prevent this but how long can that last?
10. Judgment Night (12/4/1959) - Stars James Franciscus ("Doc Elliot"). A man on a ship in wartime swears that the ship will be sunk! Is he right? How does he know? Will the others onboard believe him?
11. And When The Sky Was Opened (12/11/1959)
12. What You Need (12/25/1959)
13. The Four Of Us Are Dying (1/1/1960) - Stars Ross Martin ("The Wild Wild West"). A man can change his appearance to look like anyone he wishes!
14. Third From The Sun (1/8/1960) - Two families desparately try to flee to space from a world on the brink of war!
15. I Shot An Arrow Into The Air (1/15/1960)
16. The Hitch-Hiker (1/22/1960) - A lovely Inger Stevens ("The Farmer's Daughter") plays a woman who sees the same hitchiker over and over again on a cross-country trip! How is he getting ahead of her? An on the edge of your seat thriller from the Twilight Zone!
17. The Fever (1/29/1960) - A man who hates gambling is consumed by greed (Twilight Zone Style)
18. The Last Flight (2/5/1960) - A WWI pilot finds himself landing at an air base 40 years in his future!
19. The Purple Testament (2/12/1960) - Starring Dick York ("Bewitched") and Warren Oates. A combat officer knows which of his men will be killed in battle!
20. Elegy (2/19/1960)
21. Mirror Image (2/26/1960)
22. The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street (3/4/1960) - Starring Claude Akins ("BJ and the Bear"). When a power outage hits a neighborhood, the residents become convinced that it was caused by invading aliens disguised as earthlings! So how do you tell who the aliens are?
23. A World Of Difference (3/11/1960)
24. Long Live Walter Jameson (3/18/1960)
25. People Are Alike All Over (3/25/1960)
26. Execution (4/1/1960)
27. The Big Tall Wish (4/8/1960)
28. A Nice Place To Visit (4/15/1960)
29. Nightmare As A Child (4/29/1960)
30. A Stop At Willoughby (5/6/1960)
31. The Chaser (5/13/1960)
32. A Passage For Trumpet (5/20/1960) - Jack Klugman ("The Odd Couple", "Quincy, M.E.") stars. A man who was a failure as a trumpet player is hit by a truck and killed. He gets a second "chance" at life though ...courtesy of the Twilight Zone!
33. Mr. Bevis (6/3/1960)
34. The After Hours (6/10/1960)
35. The Mighty Casey (6/17/1960)
36. A World Of His Own (7/1/1960)

Season 2

37. King Nine Will Not Return (9/30/1960) - Bob Cummings ("Love That Bob") stars. A bomber pilot is haunted by the ghosts of his crew after crash landing in the desert! Will he join them in the Twilight Zone?
38. The Man In The Bottle (10/7/1960)
39. Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room (10/14/1960)
40. A Thing About Machines (10/28/1960)
41. The Howling Man (11/4/1960)
42. The Eye Of The Beholder (11/11/1960)
43. Nick Of Time (11/18/1960) - William Shatner ("Star Trek: The original series") stars as a man who finds a fortune-telling machine that makes some unusual predictions about his future!
44. The Lateness Of The Hour (12/2/1960) - Inger Stevens ("The Farmer's Daughter") plays a woman who's not too happy with her fathers robots.
45. The Trouble With Templeton (12/9/1960)
46. A Most Unusual Camera (12/16/1960)
47. Night Of The Meek (12/23/1960) - Art Carney ("The Honeymooners") plays a drunken Santa Clause who sobers up real fast when his bag starts dispensing gifts he never put in there! A heartwarming Christmas Classic!
48. Dust (1/6/1961) - A man tries to save his son on death row from being executed by buying majical dust that eliminates hate!
49. Back There (1/13/1961)
50. The Whole Truth (1/20/1961)
51. The Invaders (1/27/1961) Agnes Moorehead ("Bewitched") fights tiny spacemen who have landed on her roof! Don't miss the surprise ending!!!
52. A Penny For Your Thoughts (2/3/1961)
53. Twenty-Two (2/10/1961)
54. The Odyssey Of Flight 33 (2/24/1961) - An airplane finds itself above an Earth populated by dinosaurs! Has the plane travelled to the past or to the Twilight Zone?
55. Mr. Dingle, The Strong (3/3/1961) - Starring Don Rickles ("C.P.O. Sharkey") and Burgess Meredith ("Batman") as a timid little man who is given super human powers by a Martian scientist!
56. Static (3/10/1961)
57. The Prime Mover (3/24/1961) - Stars Buddy Ebsen ("The Beverly Hillbillies") as a very nice man with psychic powers who is talked into using those powers to win money at a casino by a greedy man!
58. Long Distance Call (3/31/1961) - Stars Bill Mumy ("Lost in Space") as a little boy who talks to his dead grandmother on his toy telephone!
59. A Hundred Yards Over The Rim (4/7/1961)
60. The Rip Van Winkle Caper (4/21/1961)
61. The Silence (4/28/1961)
62. Shadow Play (5/5/1961) - Starring Dennis Weaver ("Gunsmoke") as a man who is sentenced to death in a court- room! Then he tells the judge that he is having a nightmare and none of the other courtroom occu- pants are real!
63. The Mind And The Matter (5/12/1961)
64. Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up (5/26/1961)
65. The Obsolete Man (6/2/1961) - Starring Burgess Meredith as a librarian found to be "Obsolete" by a futuristic court!

Season 3

66. Two (9/15/1961) - Wow! Charles Bronson ("Empire") AND Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched)! Two survivors of a nuclear war must start the world anew!
67. The Arrival (9/22/1961)
68. The Shelter (9/29/1961)
69. The Passersby (10/6/1961) - Civil war heroes marching home from war reluctantly come to realize that they are dead!
70. A Game Of Pool (10/13/1961) - A pool shark gets his chance to play against the best there ever was! If he wins, he's the greatest pool player ever! If he loses, he dies! With Jack Klugman and Jonathon Winters.
71. The Mirror (10/20/1961)
72. The Grave (10/27/1961) - Lee Van Cleef.
73. It's A Good Life (11/3/1961)
74. Death's Head Revisited (11/10/1961) - A former Nazi is haunted by the ghosts of his concentration camp victims!
75. The Midnight Sun (11/17/1961)
76. Still Valley (11/24/1961)
77. The Jungle (12/1/1961)
78. Once Upon A Time (12/15/1961) - With Buster Keaton as a man from the late 1800s who suddenly finds himself about 70 years in the future!
79. Five Characters In Search Of An Exit (12/22/1961)
80. A Quality Of Mercy (12/29/1961) - With Leonard Nimoy and Dean Stockwell! It's easy to hate your enemy in wartime, but what if you suddenly found yourself in his shoes?
81. Nothing In The Dark (1/5/1962) - With Robert Redford! An old woman is so afraid of the grim reaper that she won't open her door - until a cop is injured and asks for her help that is!
82. One More Pallbearer (1/12/1962)
83. Dead Man's Shoes (1/19/1962)
84. The Hunt (1/26/1962)
85. Showdown With Rance McGrew (2/2/1962)
86. Kick The Can (2/9/1962) - All but one of the residents of an old folks home dream of being young again! Will he stay behind or go with them into the Twilight Zone?
87. A Piano In The House (2/16/1962)
88. The Last Rites Of Jeff Myrtlebank (2/23/1962) - With James Best ("Dukes of Hazzard"). A young man mysteriously wakes from the dead and all his neighbors think he is possessed by the devil!
89. To Serve Man (3/2/1962) - Aliens with superior technology want to make our dreams come true! Or do they?
90. The Fugitive (3/9/1962) - With Nancy Kulp ("Beverly Hillbillies"). An alien under- cover as a nice old man risks being forced back to his home planet when he uses his powers to help a sick little girl!
91. Little Girl Lost (3/16/1962)
92. Person Or Persons Unknown (3/23/1962)
93. The Little People (3/30/1962)
94. Four O'Clock (4/6/1962)
95. Hocus-Pocus And Frisby (4/13/1962)
96. The Trade-Ins (4/20/1962) - An old man in the future is in bad need of a new young body. He and his wife, however, only have enough money for one of them to be made young again!
97. The Gift (4/27/1962)
98. The Dummy (5/4/1962) - Cliff Robertson plays a ventriloquist who has a little trouble contolling his dummy!
99. Young Man's Fancy (5/11/1962)
100. I Sing The Body Electric (5/18/1962) - Stars Veronica Cartwright ("Lost in Space") and David White ("Bewitched"). A girl loves her grandmother until she finds out she's really a robot!
101. Cavender Is Coming (5/25/1962)
102. The Changing Of The Guard (6/1/1962)

Season 4

103. In His Image (1/3/1963)
104. The Thirty-Fathom Grave (1/10/1963)
105. Valley Of The Shadow (1/17/1963)
106. He's Alive (1/24/1963)
107. Mute (1/31/1963)
108. Death Ship (2/7/1963)
109. Jess-Belle (2/14/1963)
110. Miniature (2/21/1963)
111. Printer's Devil (2/28/1963)
112. No Time Like The Past (3/7/1963)
113. The Parallel (3/14/1963)
114. I Dream Of Genie (3/21/1963)
115. The New Exhibit (4/4/1963)
116. Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville (4/11/1963)
117. The Incredible World Of Horace Ford (4/18/1963)
118. On Thursday We Leave For Home (5/2/1963)
119. Passage On The Lady Anne (5/9/1963)
120. The Bard (5/23/1963)

Season 5

121. In Praise Of Pip (9/27/1963)
122. Steel (10/4/1963) - Even a robot boxer is only good for so many matches! Starring Lee Marvin.
123. Nightmare At 20,000 Feet (10/11/1963) - William Shatner goes crazy when he and no one else sees a Gremlin destoying the airplane he's flying on!
124. A Kind Of A Stopwatch (10/18/1963)
125. The Last Night Of A Jockey (10/25/1963)
126. Living Doll (11/1/1963)
127. The Old Man In The Cave (11/8/1963)
128. Uncle Simon (11/15/1963)
129. Probe 7: Over And Out (11/29/1963) - With Richard Basehart ("Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" / "Knight Rider"). Two survivors (One male, one female) must learn to get along on a new world after their worlds are both destoyed!
130. The 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms (12/6/1963)
131. A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain (12/13/1963)
132. Ninety Years Without Slumbering (12/20/1963)
133. Ring-A-Ding Girl (12/27/1963)
134. You Drive (1/3/1964)
135. The Long Morrow (1/10/1964)
136. The Self-Improvement Of Salvadore Ross (1/17/1964)
137. Number Twelve Looks Just Like You (1/24/1964)
138. Black Leather Jackets (1/31/1964) 139. Night Call (2/7/1964)
140. From Agnes - With Love (2/14/1964)
141. Spur Of The Moment (2/21/1964)
142. An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge (2/28/1964)
143. Queen Of The Nile (3/6/1964)
144. What's In The Box (3/13/1964)
145. The Masks (3/20/1964)
146. I Am The Night - Color Me Black (3/27/1964)
147. Sounds And Silences (4/3/1964)
148. Caesar And Me (4/10/1964)
149. The Jeopardy Room (4/17/1964)
150. Stopover In A Quiet Town (4/24/1964)
151. The Encounter (5/1/1964)
152. Mr. Garrity And The Graves (5/8/1964)
153. The Brain Center At Whipple's (5/15/1964)
154. Come Wander With Me (5/22/1964)
155. The Fear (5/29/1964)
156. The Bewitchin' Pool (6/19/1964)

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