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The Torkelsons Cast

Series Description

The Torkelsons was a 30 minute situation comedy series on NBC about a woman raising her 5 children after her husband walked out on them. They were very poor, but managed to find hope and love in their lives.

The Torkelsons Cast

Rachel Duncan .... Mary Sue Torkelson
Olivia Burnette .... Dorothy Jane Torkelson
Michael Landes .... Riley Roberts
Paige Gosney .... Kirby Scroggins
Aaron Michael Metchik .... Steven Floyd Torkelson
Connie Ray .... Millicent Torkelson
Anna Slotky .... Ruth Ann Torkelson
Lee Norris .... Chuckie Lee Torkelson
William Schallert .... Wesley Hodges
Ronnie Claire Edwards .... Bootsie

Theme Song

Title: "Torkelsons Theme"

By: "Ray Colcord"

People say god looks out for the working man
Sure hope he's looking out for me
These empty pockets need a helping hand
Kitchen tables full of family

But then the sun comes up (sun comes up)
And the moon is shining big and bright
And the new day promises (promises)
That everything will be alright

And the new day promises
That everything will be alright

The Torkelsons Trivia

The name of this series was changed from "The Torkelsons" to "Almost Home" for the second season. Millicent Torkelson and 3 of her children moved to Washington where Millicent became a nanny for two spoiled children.

From 1994 through 1999 the Disney Channel ran The Torkelsons in reruns. The promotional ads for the second season episodes called the series "The Torkelsons" but the opening credits for those episodes were not altered and still read "Almost Home". The entire series was originally produced by Walt Disney Television so it was appropriate that it found its way back to TV on the Disney Channel.

The first season of The Torkelsons was set in the fictional town of Pyramid Corners, Oklahoma. It was mentioned that the town was a suburb of Vinita, Oklahoma which is a real city.

Drew Carey ("Drew Carey Show") made his first ever appearance on a sitcom in episode #16 of the Torkelsons titled, "Say Uncle".

Ben Affleck ("Project Greenlight") appeared on episode #24, "Is That All There Is?".

Alyson Hannigan ("How I Met Your Mother") appeared on episode #30, "The Dance" and #32, "Hot Ticket".

Erin Gray ("Silver Spoons") appeared on episode #23 of The Torkelsons titled, "Sleeping with the Enemy".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Torkelsons - The First Season

  1. Fence Neighbors (9/21/1991)
  2. The Cotillion (9/28/1991)
  3. A Kiss Is Still A Kiss (10/5/1991)
  4. For Love Or Money (10/12/1991)
  5. Poetry In Motion (10/19/1991)
  6. An American Almost In Paris (10/26/1991)
  7. Men Don't Leave (11/2/1991)
  8. Thanksgivingmesomething (11/24/1991)
  9. Return To Sender (11/24/1991)
  10. I Fought The Law (12/1/1991)
  11. A Sigh Is Just A Sigh (12/8/1991)
  12. Educating Millicent (12/22/1991)
  13. Double Date (1/9/1992)
  14. The Ice Princess (1/12/1992)
  15. Swear Not By The Moon (1/19/1992)
  16. Say Uncle (2/16/1992)
  17. The Long Goodbye (5/2/1992)
  18. The Egg And I (5/23/1992)
  19. It's My Party (5/30/1992)
  20. Aunt Poison (6/13/1992)
The Torkelsons - The Second Season
  1. New Moon (2/6/1993)
  2. Girls And Boy (2/13/1993)
  3. Sleeping With The Enemy (2/20/1993)
  4. Is That All There Is? (2/27/1993)
  5. The Fox And The Hound (3/6/1993)
  6. Winner Take Millicent (3/20/1993)
  7. To Jane Eyre Is Human (3/27/1993)
  8. Duelling Birthdays (4/3/1993)
  9. To Date Or Not To Date (4/10/1993)
  10. The Dance (4/17/1993)
  11. You Outta Be In Pictures (4/24/1993)
  12. Hot Ticket (6/5/1993)
  13. Bowling For Daddies (6/12/1993)

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