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The Tony Danza Show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a divorced sportswriter who found himself raising his two teenaged daughters after his former wife took a job in another state.

Tony Danza Show Cast

Tony Danza .... Tony DiMeo
Majandra Delfino .... Tina DiMeo
Ashley Malinger .... Mickey DiMeo
Dean Stockwell .... Frank DiMeo
Maria Canals .... Carmen Cruz
Shaun Weiss .... Stuey Mandelker

Tony Danza Show Trivia

There were seven episodes of the Tony Danza Show that were produced but did not originally air after The Tony Danza Show was canceled. Their titles were, "Thanks... But No Thanksgiving", "Take This Job and ...", "Christmas", "Mini-pause", "The Price of Dirty Laundry", "Stringers", and "Vision Quest".

The Tony Danza Show was guaranteed 22 episodes up front by the President of NBC simply because Tony Danza would be in the starring role. The show was pre-empted a few time during its first month due to coverage of the World Series. It was also the first primetime show on NBC's Wednesday night lineup and, therefore, had no established series as a lead-in. It had to compete for its audience with other shows such as "Beverly Hills 90210", "The Nanny", and "Spin City"! That left little opportunity for the Tony Danza Show to get decent ratings and the final 8 of the 22 promised episodes were not even produced!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Tony Danza Show - The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/24/1997)
  2. Wired (10/8/1997)
  3. With Your Guest Host Tony DiMeo... (10/15/1997)
  4. The Milk Run (12/3/1997)
  5. A Marriage Made in Miami (12/10/1997)
  6. C'gar Face (7/7/1998)
  7. Sue You (7/7/1998)

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