Tabitha Cast

Series Description

Tabitha was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC and a "spin-off" of the series "Bewitched"). It was about Darin & Samantha Stevens' daughter years later after she had become a grown-up witch.

Tabitha Cast

Lisa Hartman .... Tabitha Stevens
David Ankrum .... Adam Stevens
Robert Urich .... Paul Thurston
Mel Stewart .... Marvin Decker
Karen Morrow .... Minerva

Tabitha Opening Narrative

"Once upon a time there was little girl named Tabitha. She and her family lived in a typical American home. There was a mother, Samantha; a father, Darrin; little Tabitha; and her brother, Adam. As Tabitha grew older, her parents discovered that she was a gifted child "Look!" (Tabitha levitates a book)...quite gifted. But wisely they didn't pay a lot of attention to that and Tabitha grew up ju-u-u-u-st right with pigtails and freckles, just like any other typical American girl. Eeeh, almost."

(Then Lisa Hartman would begin singing the theme song. See below!)

Tabitha Theme Song

Title: "It Could Be Magic"

Written By: "Jeff Barry"

Performed By: "Lisa Hartman"

Some people got it,
Some people don't.

You never know until you try.
You never know baby if you can fly.

If you try. It could be magic the way i feel.
It could be magic but it feels so real.

It could be magic.
Eew yeah ... well, it could be magic.
It could be magic.

Tabitha Trivia

Robert Urich starred in some other one season or shorter TV series like Tabitha but most of his fans will know him from his better remembered series, "S.W.A.T.", Vega$", and "Spenser for Hire".

Tabitha was an assistant producer at TV station KLXA in California. Her main duty was to assist in the production of "The Paul Thurston Show".

The character of Tabitha was often compared to the character, "Mary Tyler Moore with majic powers".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Pilot:

Tabitha (4/24/1976) - With a different cast. Series was not picked up at that time.

The First And Only Season

  1. Tabitha (New Pilot) (5/7/1977) - With the same cast as the other 11 episodes.
  2. Tabitha's Weighty Problem (9/10/1977)
  3. Halloween Show (11/12/1977)
  4. A Star Is Born (11/19/1977)
  5. Minerva Goes Straight (11/26/1977)
  6. Mister Nice Guy (12/10/1977)
  7. Arrival Of Nancy (12/17/1977)
  8. Tabitha's Triangle (12/24/1977)
  9. That New Black Magic (12/31/1977)
  10. What's Wrong With Mister Right? (12/31/1977)
  11. Paul Goes To New York (1/7/1978)
  12. Tabitha's Party (1/14/1978)

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