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Storage Wars Texas is a 30 minute reality series on A&E about entrepreneurs whose goal is to purchase storage locker contents at a price where they can resell the contents for a profit. When people fail to pay their storage fees, at some point their possesions are made available for sale to the public in an auction. Bidders are given just five minutes to inspect the contents of a storage locker without entering the locker. The highest bidder is not always the winner as sometimes the contents are not worth what the buyer paid but in some cases the winning bidder finds real treasures inside!

Storage Wars Texas Cast

Walt Cade .... Auctioneer (2011-)
Bubba Smith .... Storage Locker Buyer (2011-)
Ricky Smith .... Storage Locker Buyer (2011-)
Morris "Moe" Prigoff .... Storage Locker Buyer (2011-)
Victor Rjesnjansky .... Storage Locker Buyer (2011-)
Lesa Lewis .... Storage Locker Buyer (2011-2012)
Jerry Simpson .... Lesa's Assistant (2011-2012)
Roy Williams .... Storage Locker Buyer (2012)
Jenny Grumbles .... Storage Locker Buyer (2012-)
Mary Padian .... Storage Locker Buyer (2012-)

Storage Wars Texas Trivia

While it's not technically a "spinoff" of the series "Storage Wars" which takes place in California, this series was definitely developed due to the huge success of its predecessor. In order for a series to be considered a spinoff it typically must have one or more cast members from the original series.

The original title for this series was "Storage Wars: Dallas" but was ultimately changed to "Storage Wars: Texas".

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