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Space Cases Cast

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Space Cases was a 30 minute family, sci-fi series with a comedy twist that aired on Nickelodeon. It was about five mischievous students, their teacher, and their Principal who snuck aboard a mysterious alien cyborg spaceship named Christa. They got swallowed by a hole in space that transported them so far away that it would take them seven years to return! They ran into many dangers on their way home including evil aliens!

Space Cases Cast

Walter Jones .... Harlan Band
Paul Boretski .... Commander Seth Goddard
Paige Christina .... Rosie Ianni
Cary Lawrence .... T.J. Davenport
Kristian Ayre .... Radu
Rahi Azizi .... Bova
Anik Matern .... Thelma
Rebecca Herbst .... Suzee
Jewel Staite .... Catalina

Space Cases Trivia

The Academy on Space Cases was in orbit around Pluto.

The Academy was obviously an equal-opportunity school. Harlan was from Earth, Rosie was from Mercury, Radu was from Andromeda, Bova was from Uranus, and Catalina was from Saturn!

All of the students had powers except Harlan (but being from Earth he was, of course, the leader). Rosie could radiate heat from her body, Radu had super-strength and super-hearing. Bova could generate electricity. Catalina could scream so loud that she could knock people out, break down walls, etc.

Space Cases didn't win any awards but Rahi Azizi (Bova) was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 1998 for "Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series - Supporting Young Actor". Kyle Sabihy won the award for his role on the series "Hiller and Diller". The other nominees were Brandon Hammond for "The Gregory Hines Show", Benjamin Salisbury for "The Nanny", and Justin Berfield for "Unhappily Ever After".

There was a Space Cases pilot episode titled, "Breath of a Salesman" that never aired in the U.S.

The alien spaceship Christa looked a lot like a huge Aztec bird. The ship was named after Christa McAuliffe, the science teacher who died in the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion in 1986.

Space Cases was created by Peter David and Bill Mumy (Will Robinson on "Lost in Space").

Every episode title in season one is also the title of a popular song.

Bova's father is named Ben after the award-winning science-fiction author, "Ben Bova".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Space Cases - The First Season

  1. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (3/2/1996)
  2. Who Goes Where (3/9/1996)
  3. A Day In The Life (3/16/1996)
  4. Spung At Heart (3/23/1996)
  5. Forever Young (3/30/1996)
  6. Nowhere Man (4/6/1996)
  7. Desperately Seeking Suzee (4/13/1996)
  8. It's My Birthday, Too (Yeah!) (4/20/1996)
  9. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court (4/27/1996)
  10. Prisoner of Luff (5/4/1996)
  11. The Impossible Dram (5/18/1996)
  12. Break on Through to the Other Side (5/25/1996)
  13. On The Road To Find Out (6/1/1996)
Space Cases - The Second Season
  1. New Places, New Faces (10/12/1996)
  2. The Sporting Kind (10/19/1996)
  3. Long Distance Calls (10/26/1996)
  4. King Of The Hil (11/2/1996)
  5. Truth Hurts (11/9/1996)
  6. Homeward Bound (11/16/1996)
  7. All You Can Eaty (11/23/1996)
  8. Both Sides Now (11/30/1996)
  9. Mother Knows Best (12/7/1996)
  10. Runaway (1/5/1997)
  11. Trouble With Doubles (1/12/1997)
  12. A Star Is Boring (1/19/1997)
  13. A Friend In Need (1/27/1997)

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