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Smart Guy was a 30 minute dramatic comedy series on the WB Network (later becoming the CW Network) about a 10-year-old genius who gets to skip six years of education to attend high school. It concentrates on his problems with the jealousy of and consequent lousy treatment from his classmates and siblings.

Smart Guy Cast

Tahj Mowry .... T.J. Henderson
Jason Weaver .... Marcus Henderson
Essence Atkins .... Yvette Henderson
John Marshall Jones .... Floyd Henderson
Omar Gooding .... Mo Tibbs

Smart Guy Trivia

T.J.'s older brother and sister had to deal with having their much younger brother attending their school. His sister Yvette was very smart and studious didn't really seem to mind. On the other hand, his brother Marcus was a "so-so" student and wanted to be with the "In" crowd wasn't too happy about the situation.

The sets for the school and the Henderson's home on the first episode of Smart Guy were the same sets used on the series, "Boy Meets World".

Marcus and T.J. bonded a bit towards the end of 1998 when they formed a band called, "Mackadocious". Marcus was the lead singer, T.J. was on keyboard, and Mo played bass guitar.

Smart Guy was nominated for seven miscellaneous awards but, unfortunately, didn't win any. Most of them were for excellent performances by Tahj Mowry. One of the awards won by the series itself was a "Young Artist Awar" in 1999 for "Best Family TV Comedy Series" but "The Hughleys" won that one.

T.J. eventually became the high school's mascot as he was the only student small enough to fit in the penguin costume.

Tahj Mowry is the younger brother of Tia and Tamera Mowry who (among other credits) starred together on the series, "Sister, Sister".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Smart Guy - The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (3/26/1997)
  2. The Code (4/2/1997)
  3. Brother, Brother (4/9/1997)
  4. Don't Do That Thing You Do (4/16/1997)
  5. Lab Rats (4/23/1997)
  6. A Little Knowledge (4/30/1997)
  7. Baby It's You ... And You And You (5/7/1997)
Smart Guy - The Second Season
  1. Primary Brothers (9/10/1997)
  2. Working Guy (9/17/1997)
  3. Below The Rim (9/24/1997)
  4. Dateline (10/1/1997)
  5. Dumbstruck (10/8/1997)
  6. Trial And Error (10/15/1997)
  7. The Big Picture (10/29/1997)
  8. Book Smart (11/5/1997)
  9. The Dating Game (11/12/1997)
  10. Love Letters (11/19/1997)
  11. T.J. vs. The Machine (12/10/1997)
  12. Men Working Badly (1/7/1998)
  13. Rooferman, Take One (1/21/1998)
  14. Stop The Presses (1/28/1998)
  15. Bad Boy (2/4/1998)
  16. Most Hated Man On Campus (2/11/1998)
  17. Goodbye, Mr. Chimps (2/18/1998)
  18. Sit In (2/25/1998)
  19. Strangers On The Net (3/4/1998)
  20. Gotta Dance (4/29/1998)
  21. Something Wicked This Way Comes (5/6/1998)
  22. My Two Dads (5/13/1998)
Smart Guy - The Third Season
  1. Break Up Not To Make Up (9/13/1998)
  2. She Got Game (9/20/1998)
  3. The Achy Breaky Heart (9/27/1998)
  4. Love Bug (10/4/1998)
  5. Henderson House Party (10/11/1998)
  6. That's My Mama (10/18/1998)
  7. A Beating Is Fundamental (10/25/1998)
  8. T.A. Or Not T.A. (11/1/1998)
  9. Boomerang (11/8/1998)
  10. Get A Job (11/15/1998)
  11. A Date With Destiny (11/22/1998)
  12. Diary Of A Mad School Girl (12/13/1998)
  13. Perchance To Dream (1/10/1999)
  14. From A To Double D (1/17/1999)
  15. Can't Buy Me Love (1/24/1999)
  16. It Takes Two (2/7/1999)
  17. I Was A Teen-Age Sports Wife (2/14/1999)
  18. Crushed (2/21/1999)
  19. CrossTalk (4/1/1999)
  20. The Soda Wars (5/2/1999)
  21. The Graduate? (5/9/1999)
  22. Never Too Young (5/16/1999)

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