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The Sixth Sense was a 60 minute fantasy / thriller series on ABC about a college professor and his assistant who studied reported cases of premonitions, ghosts, visions, and other paranormal events.

The Sixth Sense Cast

Gary Collins .... Dr. Michael Rhodes
Catherine Ferrar .... Nancy Murphy (Episodes 1-7)

The Sixth Sense Trivia

The Sixth Sense was inspired by the 1971 ABC Movie of the Week, "Sweet, Sweet Rachel". It was written by author Anthony Lawrence. Anthony also served as an executive story consultant on the TV series for the first thirteen episodes.

Even though The Sixth Sense didn't last very long, many of the scripts were pretty great. That made it possible for the show to attract some huge TV stars as guest stars including Tom Bosley ("Happy Days"), Patty Duke ("Patty Duke Show"), Cloris Leachman ("Phyllis"), Larry Linville ("M*A*S*H*"), Lee Majors ("Six Million Dollar Man"), Stefanie Powers ("Hart to Hart"), William Shatner ("Star Trek"), and Jane Wyman ("Falcon Crest").

The Sixth Sense had some fierce competition in its 10PM, Saturday night time slot! CBS was airing "Mission Impossible" and the last half of the Saturday Night Movie was on NBC!

The Sixth Sense was not the first series to concentrate on the paranormal. "One Step Beyond", directed and hosted by John Newland was the first in 1959. John actually also directed three Sixth Sense episodes! They were episode #16 - "Dear, Joan, We're Going to Scare You to Death", episode #20 - "Through a Flame, Darkly", and episode #22 - "And Scream by the Light of the Moon, the Moon".

Gary Collins has had a busy and successful career as a personality but his only regular role on a TV series besides that on Sixth Sense was as "George Adamson" on the series, "Born Free". As of this writing (2008), his last credited role was on a "Yes, Dear" episode in 2000 titled, "The Good Couple".

After the Sixth Sense was canceled, further episodes in various stages of development had new indroductions filmed by Rod Serling and were passed off as episodes of another series titled, "Night Gallery". They were not very well edited from their original 60 minutes down to 30 minutes and ended out pretty bad. Fans of Night Gallery were generally disgusted at how badly they degraded the overall quality of the series!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The TV Pilot Movie

  1. Sweet, Sweet Rachel (90 Minute Special) (10/2/1971)
The Sixth Sense - The First Season
  1. I Do Not Belong to the Human World (1/15/1972)
  2. The Heart that Wouldn't Stay Buried (1/22/1972)
  3. Lady, Lady, Take My Life (1/29/1972)
  4. The House That Cried Murder (2/5/1972)
  5. The Man Who Died at Three and Nine (2/12/1972)
  6. Can a Dead Man Strike from the Grave? (2/26/1972)
  7. With This Ring, I Thee Kill! (3/4/1972)
  8. Witch, Witch, Burning Bright (3/11/1972)
  9. Eye of the Haunted (3/18/1972)
  10. Echo of a Distant Scream (4/1/1972)
  11. Whisper of Evil (4/8/1972)
  12. The Shadow in the Well (4/15/1972)
  13. Face of Ice (4/22/1972)
The Sixth Sense - The Second Season
  1. Coffin, Coffin, in the Sky (aka: Flying Sepulcher of Death) (9/23/1972)
  2. Dear Joan: We're Going to Scare You to Death (9/30/1972)
  3. Witness Within (10/7/1972)
  4. With Affection, Jack the Ripper (10/14/1972)
  5. Once Upon a Chilling (10/28/1972)
  6. Through a Flame Darkly (11/4/1972)
  7. I Did Not Mean to Slay Thee (11/11/1972)
  8. And Scream by the Light of the Moon, the Moon (aka: Candle, Candle Burning Bright) (11/25/1972)
  9. If I Should Die Before I Wake (12/2/1972)
  10. Five Widows Weeping (12/9/1972)
  11. Gallows in the Wind (12/16/1972)
  12. The Eyes That Wouldn't Die (12/23/1972)

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