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The Science Fiction Theatre was a 30 minute anthology sci-fi series that aired in syndication only and was based on scientific fact. Each week the show would depict a possible future including robots, space travel, UFOs, reproducing extinct animals, or some other sci-fi topic. There were also other more questionable topics including telepathy and psychic phenomena.

Science Fiction Theatre Cast

Host & Narrator: Truman Bradley

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Like many anthology series, Science Fiction Theatre had many popular stars of the day as guest stars. Some of them included; Basil Rathbone, Gene Barry ("Bat Masterson"), William Lundigan ("Men Into Space"), and Howard Duff ("Mr. Adams and Eve").

Scientific experts were used as consultants on the series to make it as realistic as possible.

Science Fiction Theatre was one of the first projects of Producer Ivan Tors. He went on to better-known series including "Daktari", "Flipper", "Gentle Ben", and "Sea Hunt".

The Science Fiction Theatre TV show was produced by Ziv Television Productions who also produced, "The Aquanauts", "Bat Masterson", "Boston Blackie", "The Cisco Kid", "Man and the Challenge", "Men Into Space", and "Sea Hunt" among many others.

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