Boston Blackie

Boston Blackie Cast
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The Boston Blackie TV show was a 30 minute crime drama series that aired in syndication. It was about a former crook who used his knowledge of crime and criminal minds to solve the cases that the cops weren't able to crack.

Boston Blackie Cast

Kent Taylor .... Boston Blackie
Frank Orth .... Inspector Faraday
Lois Collier .... Mary

Boston Blackie Trivia

Before getting the starring role on the Boston Blackie TV show, Kent Tayor had starred in more than a dozen "B" movies from the 1940s.

There was also a Boston Blackie Radio Show that aired for five years from 1944 to 1949!

The Boston Blackie TV show was produced by Ziv Television Productions who also produced, "The Aquanauts", "Bat Masterson", "The Cisco Kid", "Man and the Challenge", "Men Into Space", "Science Fiction Theatre", and "Sea Hunt" among many others.

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