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Sam Benedict Cast

Series Description

Sam Benedict was a drama series based on the real-life of trial lawyer Jacob Erlich. The theme was similar to other lawyer programs in that Sam Benedict was able to see through the complicated mass of evidence better than others and determine who was the guilty party.

Sam Benedict Cast

Edmond O'Brien .... Sam Benedict
Richard Rust .... Hank Tabor
Joan Tomkins .... Trudy Wagner


Jacob Erlich, the lawyer who's life served as basis for the Sam Benedict series, was a consultant on the show.

Even if you were an avid television watcher in 1962, you may not remember Sam Benedict. You were probably tuned in to one of the other networks during that time slot and enjoying either the "Roy Rogers Show" or the "Jackie Gleason Show".

The Sam Benedict theme was written by Nelson Riddle.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Sam Benedict - The First And Only Season

  1. Hannigan (9/15/1962)
  2. A Split Week In San Quentin (9/22/1962)
  3. Nor Practice Makes Perfect (9/29/1962)
  4. Nothing Equals Nothing (10/6/1962)
  5. Tears For A Nobody Doll (10/13/1962)
  6. Twenty Aching Years (10/20/1962)
  7. Maddon's Folly (10/27/1962)
  8. Hear The Merry Wedding Bells (11/3/1962)
  9. Life Is A Lie, Love Is A Cheat (11/10/1962)
  10. The Bird Of Warning (11/17/1962)
  11. The View From An Ivory Tower (11/24/1962)
  12. Everyone's Playing Polo (12/1/1962)
  13. Too Many Strangers (12/8/1962)
  14. So Various, So Beautiful (12/15/1962)
  15. Where There's A Will (12/22/1962)
  16. The Target Over The Hill (12/29/1962)
  17. Not Even The Gulls Shall Weep (1/5/1963)
  18. The Boiling Point (1/12/1963)
  19. Green Room, Grey Morning (1/19/1963)
  20. Run Softly, Oh Softly (1/26/1963)
  21. Sugar And Spice And Everything ... (2/6/1963)
  22. Some Fires Die Slowly (2/16/1963)
  23. Image Of A Toad (2/23/1963)
  24. Seventeen Gypsies And A Sinner Named Charlie (3/2/1963)
  25. Accomplice (3/9/1963)
  26. Read No Evil (3/16/1963)
  27. Of Rusted Cannons And Fallen Sparrows (3/23/1963)
  28. Season For Vengeance (3/30/1963)

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