Redigo Cast

Series Description

The Redigo TV show was a 30 minute western action series on NBC. It was about the owner of a small ranch in the southwestern U.S. during the 1960s. The relationships with his ranch hands and a woman who was crazy about him provided most of the storylines. Another aspect covered was the financial difficulties involved with the ownership of a small ranch.

Redigo Cast

Richard Egan .... Jim Redigo
Rudy Solari .... Frank Martinez
Mina Martinez .... Linda Martinez
Elena Verdugo .... Gerry
Roger Davis .... Mike

Redigo Trivia

The Redigo TV show was a "spin-off series" of another show titled, "Empire".

On "Empire" Jim Redigo had been the manager of a huge ranch. On the Redigo TV show, he was the owner of his own small ranch nearby the one he had managed.

Jim Redigo's love interest was Gerry who managed the Gran Quivera Hotel in "Mesa", a town near Jim's ranch. Gerry was obviously much more interested in Jim than he was in her, similar to the relationship between Matt Dillon and Kitty Russell on the series, "Gunsmoke".

Frank Martinez was one of the ranch hands (as was Mike) and Linda Martinez was Frank's wife who also served as the ranch's cook.

The Redigo TV show's time slot at 8:30PM on Tuesday nights pretty much condemned it to oblivion. That put it in competition with ABC's hit comedy series, "McHale's Navy" and the last half-hour of the "Red Skelton Show"!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Lady Warbonnet (9/24/1963)
  2. The Blooded Bull (10/1/1963)
  3. Boy from Rio Bravo (10/8/1963)
  4. Prince Among Men (10/15/1963)
  5. The Crooked Circle (10/22/1963)
  6. Little Angel Blue Eyes (10/29/1963)
  7. Man in a Blackout (11/5/1963)
  8. Papa-San (11/12/1963)
  9. Horns of Hate (11/19/1963)
  10. Shadow of the Cougar (11/26/1963)
  11. The Thin Line (12/3/1963)
  12. Hostage Hero Hiding (12/10/1963)
  13. Privilege of a Man (12/17/1963)
  14. The Black Rainbow (12/24/1963)
  15. The Hunters (12/31/1963)

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