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The McHale's Navy TV show was a 30 minute war comedy series on ABC about a misfit PT boat crew in the South Pacific during World War II. Their unmilitary antics repeatedly got them in trouble with their commander but he always ended out having to "look the other way" in the end because the crew typically stopped an enemy attack or prevented some other catastrophe.

McHale's Navy Cast

Ernest Borgnine .... Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale
Tim Conway .... Ensign Charles Parker
Joe Flynn .... Captain Wallace "Old Lead Bottom" Binghamton
Bob Hastings .... Lieutenant Elroy Carpenter
Billy Sands .... Harrison "Tinker" Bell
Gary Vinson .... George "Christy" Christopher
Edson Stroll .... Virgil Edwards
Carl Ballantine .... Lester Gruber
Yoshio Yoda .... Fuji Kobiaji
John Wright .... Willy Moss
Gavin MacLeod .... Joseph "Happy" Haines
Jane Dulo .... Nurse Molly Tanner
Simon Scott .... General Bronson
Henry Beckman .... Colonel Douglas Harrison
Dick Wilson .... Dino Baroni
Peggy Mondo .... Rosa Giovanni
Jay Novello .... Mayor Mario Lugatto

McHale's Navy Trivia

When McHale's Navy was first conceived, it was projected as being a typical military series about fighting men during World War II. Then someone mentioned adding a comedy side to the war theme and the rest is history!

Tim Conway got his first big show business job as a regular cast member on the "Steve Allen Show" which became the "New Steve Allen Show" in its second season. A few years after those series ended, he got the starring role on McHale's Navy. Most people, however, probably remember Tim most fondly for his performances in skits on "The Carol Burnett Show". Tim would constantly ad-lib and cause the other Cast to "crack up" laughing on the show and audiences ate that up! Most series would have cut out those moments but they were funnier than the original scripts and really made for unforgettable TV moments! Tim has also been referred to as a "Disney Legend" for his fantastic roles in several Disney movies! Another title bestowed on him by other comedians is "The best second-banana in the business" due to his uncanny talent of making anyone who appears on the screen with him shine (from a comedy viewpoint).

Never has their been a series with more oddball characters than McHale's Navy. One of the main ones was Ensign Parker who wanted to be the perfect Naval Officer and do everything by the book but he just didn't have the wits or command enough respect to lead his men. Then there was Captain Binghamton who constantly tried to catch McHale's crew in one of their unauthorized parties, unlawful uses of military equipment, or any other thing he could come up with but the crew always outsmarted him in the end. The crew even had a Japanese deserter named Fuji who cooked and cleaned for them. He always wore a P.O.W. outfit so he wouldn't be shot if someone outside McHale's crew found him.

Ernest Borgnine is one of the few actors who have managed to be a TV star and movie star simultaneously. He won an Oscar and a Golden Globe award in 1956 for his legendary portrayal of a 34-year-old butcher who fears he'll never find love until he meets a woman in the same mindset. Many of us will never forget his wonderful role as the cop who leads everyone else to safety in the 1972 film, "The Poseidon Adventure". Mr. Borgnine also starred two other TV series titled, "Airwolf" and "The Single Guy". Amazingly, after 57 years of acting (as of 2008), Mr. Borgning is still going strong with 2 movies in 2007, three in 2008, and four in various stages of production for 2009!

On several episodes of the first season, a character would talk about PT-109 and its commander. They never actually used his name but PT-109 was the boat that was commanded by President John Fitzgerald Kennedy who was President of the United States at the time those episodes aired. Sadly, President Kennedy was assasinated shortly after the second season of McHale's Navy began.

The characters on McHale's Navy had the same thing happen to them in the last season that happened to many real life World War II fighting men as the war in Japan ended. They were transferred from the South Pacific to Vota Fiore, Italy.

McHale's Navy received Emmy nomination in 1963 and 1964 for "Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Comedy". In both cases, "The Dick Van Dyke Show" won.

In 1963, Ernest Borgnine got an Emmy nomination for "Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actor in a Series (Lead)". E.G. Marshall won for his role on, "The Defenders". Tim Conway was also nominated in 1963 for "Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role by an Actor" but Don Knotts won for his role on "The Andy Griffith Show".

The name of McHale's Navy base in the South Pacific was "Taratupa". That was also the name of the Island that the base was located on. The set for the base on Taratupa was a popular attraction for years at Universal Studios after McHale's Navy ended.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

1. An Ensign For McHale (10/11/1962)
2. A Purple Heart for Gruber (10/18/1962)
3. McHale and His Seven Cupids (10/26/1962)
4. PT73, Where Are You? (11/1/1962)
5. Movies Are Your Best Diversion (11/8/1962)
6. Operation Wedding Party (11/15/1962)
7. Who Do The VooDoo? (11/22/1962)
8. 3 Girls on an Island (11/29/1962)
9. McHale's Paradise Motel (12/6/1962)
10. The Battle of McHale's Navy (12/20/1962)
11. The Day They Captured Santa Claus (12/27/1962)
12. Beauty and The Beast (1/3/1963)
13. The Captain's Mission (1/10/1963)
14. Send Us A Hero (1/17/1963)
15. The Captain Steals A Cook (1/24/1963)
16. The Ensign Gets A Zero (1/31/1963)
17. The Big Raffle (2/7/1963)
18. One of Our Engines is Missing (2/14/1963)
19. The Natives Get Restless (2/21/1963)
20. The Confidence Game (2/28/1963)
21. Six Pounds From Paradise (3/7/1963)
22. Washing Machine Charlie (3/14/1963)
23. Nippon Nancy Calling (3/21/1963)
24. One Enchanted Weekend (3/28/1963)
25. The Mothers of PT 73 (4/4/1963)
26. HMS 73 (4/11/1963)
27. A Wreath for McHale (4/18/1963)
28. Portrait of A Peerless Leader (4/25/1963)
29. Instant Democracy (5/2/1963)
30. Camera, Action, Panic (5/9/1963)
31. Alias Captain Binghamton (5/16/1963)
32. Parents Anonymous (5/23/1963)
33. McHale's Millions (5/30/1963)
34. The Hillbillies of PT 73 (6/6/1963)
35. The Monster of McHale's Island (6/13/1963)
36. Uncle Admiral (6/27/1963)

Season 2

37. The Day The War Stood Still (9/16/1963)
38. The Binghamton Murder Plot (9/23/1963)
39. McHale and His Schweinhunds (9/30/1963)
40. Is There A Doctor in the Hut? (10/7/1963)
41. To Binghamton, With Love (10/14/1963)
42. Have Kimono, Will Travel (10/21/1963)
43. Today I Am A Man (10/28/1963)
44. Jolly Wally (11/4/1963)
45. Scuttlebutt (11/11/1963)
46. The August Teahouse of Quint McHale (11/18/1963)
47. French Leave For McHale (11/25/1963)
48. The Happy Sleepwalker (12/2/1963)
49. A Letter For Fuji (12/9/1963)
50. My Ensign Lawyer (12/16/1963)
51. Orange Blossoms For McHale (12/23/1963)
52. Creature From McHale's Lagoon (12/30/1963)
53. A Medal For Parker (1/6/1964)
54. The Balloon Goes Up (1/13/1964)
55. Who'll Buy My Sarongs? (1/20/1964)
56. Evil-Eye Parker (1/27/1964)
57. The Big Impersonation (2/3/1964)
58. Urulu's Paradise West (2/10/1964)
59. Dear Diary (2/17/1964)
60. Babette Go Home (2/24/1964)
61. The Novocain Mutiny (3/2/1964)
62. Stars Over Taratupa (3/9/1964)
63. Comrades of PT-73 (3/16/1964)
64. Return of Big Frenchy (3/23/1964)
65. Alias PT-73 (3/30/1964)
66. The Rage of Taratupa (4/6/1964)
67. Ensign Parker, ESP (4/13/1964)
68. The McHale Mob (4/20/1964)
69. Carpenter In Command (4/27/1964)
70. Marryin' Chuck (5/5/1964)
71. The Dart-Gun Wedding (5/12/1964)
72. A Da-Da for Christy (5/19/1964)

Season 3

73. The Ghosts of 73 (9/11/1964)
74. Lester, The Skipper (9/18/1964)
75. It's A Mad, Mad, Mad War (9/25/1964)
76. McHale, The Desk Commando (10/2/1964)
77. McHale's Floating Harem (10/9/1964)
78. Laugh, Captain, Laugh (10/16/1964)
79. Will The Alligator Take The Stand? (10/23/1964)
80. The British Also Have Ensigns (11/6/1964)
81. Senator Parker, Suh (11/13/1964)
82. Fountain of Youth (11/20/1964)
83. The Great Eclipse (11/27/1964)
84. McHale and His Jet Set (12/4/1964)
85. Christy Goes Traveling (12/11/1964)
86. The Missing Link (12/18/1964)
87. Fuji's Big Romance (12/25/1964)
88. The Stool Parrot (1/1/1965)
89. The PT-73 Follies (1/8/1965)
90. The Truth Hurts (1/15/1965)
91. The Late Captain Binghamton (1/22/1965)
92. McHale's Floating Laundromat (1/29/1965)
93. All Chiefs, No Indians (2/5/1965)
94. Pumpkin Takes Over (2/12/1965)
95. The Seven Faces of Ensign Parker (2/19/1965)
96. The Return of Maggie (2/26/1965)
97. Send This Ensign to Camp (3/5/1965)
98. By The Numbers--Paint (3/12/1965)
99. Chuckie Cottontail (3/19/1965)
100. The Great Necklace Caper (3/26/1965)
101. Will The Real Admiral Please Stand Up? (4/2/1965)
102. Hello, McHale? Colonna (4/9/1965)
103. Rumble on Taratupa (4/16/1965)
104. All Ahead--Empty (4/23/1965)
105. The Vampire of Taratupa (4/30/1965)
106. Birth of A Salesman (5/7/1965)
107. A Star Falls on Taratupa (5/18/1965)
108. Make Room for Orvie (5/28/1965)

Season 4

109. War--Italian Style (9/9/1965)
110. The Bathtub Thief (9/16/1965)
111. Marriage, McHale Style (9/23/1965)
112. Guiseppe McHale (9/30/1965)
113. A Nip In Time (10/7/1965)
114. Piazza Binghamtoni (10/14/1965)
115. The Bald-Headed Contessa (10/21/1965)
116. Voltafiore Fish-Fry (10/28/1965)
117. A Wine Cellar Is Not A Home (11/4/1965)
118. Vino, Vino, Who's Got The Vino? (11/11/1965)
119. The McHale Opera Company (11/18/1965)
120. The Good Luck Fountain (11/25/1965)
121. Blitzkrieg at McHale's Beach (12/2/1965)
122. Reunion for PT-73 (12/9/1965)
123. The Return of Guiseppe (12/16/1965)
124. The Scouts of 73 (12/23/1965)
125. Fire In The Liquor Locker (12/30/1965)
126. The Fugitive Ensign (1/6/1966)
127. The Wacky WAC (1/13/1966)
128. La Dolce 73 (1/20/1966)
129. McHale's Country Club Caper (2/3/1966)
130. Secret Chimp 007 (2/10/1966)
131. 36-24-73 (2/17/1966)
132. My Son The Skipper (2/24/1966)
133. Little Red Riding Doctor (3/3/1966)
134. Who Was That German I Seen You With? (3/10/1966)
135. The McHale Grand Prix (3/17/1966)
136. An Ensign's Best Friend (3/24/1966)
137. Binghamton, At 20 Paces (3/31/1966)
138. Wally For Congress (4/7/1966)


McHale's Navy (1964)
McHale's Navy Joins The Air Force (1965)
McHale's Navy (1997)

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