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The Operation Petticoat TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a worn out, ill-supplied, world war II submarine that the U.S. Navy manned with its worst misfits to keep them out of the way. But when Lieutenant Commander Matthew Serman took command, he's determined to use whatever he can get his hands on to make his boat operational! The misfit crew begged, borrowed, and (usually) stole everything needed to join the war effort. Unfortunately, they spilled all the grey paint they obtained in order to give the sub a new look, so they used the only other color they could rustle up in time to ship out in their new ... pink submarine! Each week the crew would get into some mess and then have to figure an "angle" to get out of it.

Operation Petticoat Cast

John Astin .... Lieutenant Commander Matthew Sherman
Jamie Lee Curtis .... Lieutenant Barbara Duran
Richard Gilliland .... Lieutenant Nick Holden
Yvonne Wilder .... Major Edna Howard
Melinda Naud .... Lieutenant Dolores Crandell
Bond Gideon .... Lieutenant Claire Reid
Dorrie Thomson .... Lieutenant Ruth Colfax
Richard Brestoff .... Yeoman Hunkle
Christopher J. Brown . Ensign Stovall
Kraig Cassity .... Seaman Dooley
Jesse Dizon .... Ramon Gallardo
Wayne Long .... Chief Herbert Molumphrey
Michael Mazes .... Radioman Gossett
Jack Murdock .... Chief Machinist's Mate Tostin
Richard Marion .... Pharmacist's Mate Williams

Operation Petticoat Trivia

The Operation Petticoat TV show was based upon the 1959 movie of the same name.

Similar to the plot line on the series, "Black Sheep Squadron", Operation Petticoat had nurses as regulars on the series to provide opportunities for a bit of romance and funny moments when the guys were trying to impress the girls.

Jamie Lee Curtis played the lead female role on the Operation Petticoat TV show and her dad, Tony Curtis, played a lead male role in the 1959 movie!

Before starring on Operation Petticoat, Jamie Lee Curtis had only appeared on a few TV series as a guest star. Shortly after the series began to air, she got her role as Laurie Strode in the 1978 movie, "Halloween", and the roles just kept on coming after that! By the way ... Jamie got paid $8,000 for her role in "Halloween", 3 years later she got $100,000 for "Halloween II", and 21 years after that, she got $3 million for "Halloween Resurrection"!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Pilot Movie

Operation Petticoat (9/4/1977)

Season 1

  1. Yeoman Hunkle, Yeoman Hunkle - Part 1 (9/17/1977)
  2. Yeoman Hunkle, Yeoman Hunkle - Part 2 (9/24/1977)
  3. Dooley Is a Daddy (10/1/1977)
  4. Operation, Operation (10/8/1977)
  5. And out of the Sea Came a Marine (10/15/1977)
  6. A Party for the Captain (10/22/1977)
  7. And Baby Makes 33 (10/29/1977)
  8. We've No Business in Show Business (11/5/1977)
  9. Grey Is Beautiful (11/19/1977)
  10. Dear Molumphrey (11/26/1977)
  11. On a Clear Day You Can See a Bulkhead (12/10/1977)
  12. I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas (12/17/1977)
  13. Bless You, My Sub (1/7/1978)
  14. The Instant Ensign (1/14/1978)
  15. Down to the Sea in Slips (1/21/1978)
  16. The Best of Enemies (1/28/1978)
  17. General Who? (2/4/1978)
  18. Tostin Times Two (2/11/1978)
  19. Gallardo Joins Up (2/18/1978)
  20. In Gossett We Trust (2/25/1978)
  21. Matt on a Hot Pink Sub (5/6/1978)
  22. Claire Voyant (5/18/1978)
Season 2
  1. Operation Spleen (9/18/1978)
  2. The Hunkle-Crandall Affair (9/25/1978)
  3. Deal on Kaloa Street (10/2/1978)
  4. Matters of Honor (10/9/1978)
  5. Cram Course (10/16/1978)
  6. Don't Drink the Shimbakka (6/1/1979)
  7. Talent Show (6/8/1979)
  8. Sub-Down (6/15/1979)
  9. Hail to the Chief (6/22/1979)
  10. You Owe Me One (6/29/1979)

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