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The One Life To Live Soap Opera is a daytime drama series on ABC that centers around the troubled life of Viki Lord-Davidson who has been plagued over the years by rape, divorce, a stroke, breast cancer, multiple personality disorder, and the death of her husband which resulted in his heart being transplanted into her ... thus saving her life.

One Life To Live Cast

Erika Slezak .... Victoria "Viki" Lord Davidson (1971-2010)
Michael Easton .... John McBain (2003-2010)
Kristen Alderson .... Starr Manning (1998-2010)
John-Paul Lavoisier .... Rex Balsom (2002-2010)
Melissa Archer .... Natalie Buchanan (2001-2010)
Kassie Wesley DePaiva .... Blair Cramer (1993-2010)
Bree Williamson .... Jessica Brennan (2003-2010)
Brandon Buddy .... Cole Thornhart (2006-2010)
Robin Strasser .... Dorian Lord (1979-2010)
Robert S. Woods .... Bo Buchanan (1979-2010)
Farah Fath .... Gigi Morasco (2007-2010)
Hillary B. Smith .... Nora Hanen (1992-2010)
Brittany Underwood .... Langston Wilde (2006-2010)
Jerry Ver Dorn .... Clint Buchanan (2005-2010)
David Fumero .... Cristian Vega (1998-2010)
John Brotherton .... Jared Banks (2007-2010)
Renee Goldsberry .... Evangeline Williamson (2003-2007)
Jason Tam .... Markko Rivera (2007-2010)
Susan Haskell .... Marty Saybrooke (2008-2010)
Mark Lawson .... Brody Lovett (2008-2010)
Kathy Brier .... Marcie McBain (2002-2009)
Kamar De Los Reyes .... Antonio Vega (1995-2009)
Brian Kerwin .... Charlie Banks (2007-2010)
Florencia Lozano .... Tea Delgado (1997-2010)
BethAnn Bonner .... Talia Sahid (2006-2009)
Tika Sumpter .... Layla Williamson (2005-2010)
Ilene Kristen .... Roxy Balsom (2001-2010)
Forbes March .... Nash Brennan (2005-2008)
Eddie Alderson .... Matthew Buchanan (2001-2010)
Austin Williams .... Shane Morasco (2007-2010)
Jessica Morris .... Jennifer Rappaport (2001-2008)
Melissa Fumero .... Adriana Cramer (1998-2010)
Tuc Watkins .... David Vickers (1994-2010)
Justis Bolding .... Sarah Roberts (2007-2009)
Scott Clifton .... Schuyler Joplin (2009-2010)
Crystal Hunt .... Stacy Morasco (2009-2010)
Christina Chambers .... Marty Saybrooke (2007)
Scott Evans .... Oliver Fish (2008-2010)
Bruce Michael Hall .... Joe Riley Jr. (2003-2004)
David Chisum .... Miles Laurence (2007-2008)
Catherine Hickland .... Lindsay Rappaport (1998-2009)
Chris Stack .... Michael McBain (2003-2009)
Jessica Tuck .... Megan Gordon Harrison (1989-2004)
Nathaniel Marston .... Michael McBain (2003-2007)
Luke Kendler Clodfelter .... Tommy McBain (2007-2010)
Jacob Cook Clodfelter .... Tommy McBain (2007-2010)
Sean Ringgold .... Shaun (2007-2010)

One Life To Live Trivia

The original title of the series was not "One Life To Live". It was "Between Heaven and Hell".

One Life to Live was only 30 minutes long per episode from its premiere on July 15, 1968 to 1976. It expanded to 45 minutes for the following two years and then to its current 60 minute format in 1978.

Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes") appeared on One Life to Live as the third actress to play "Sarah Victoria 'Flash' Roberts" on 24 episodes from 1994-1997. Regis Philbin appeared as himself on four episodes in 2002.

Speaking of the year 2002, that's the year that One Life to Live won a Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Drama Series". The series has received numerous other Daytime Emmys in just about every other category possible and the number of nominations is so large that this author decided not to count them. Erika Slezak has won six "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series" Awards for her role as Victoria Davidson. She holds the record (as of 2010 when this was written) for the most wins in a single role!

One Life to Live takes place in a fictional town called Llanview which is a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The map of Llanview is actually that of the central portion of Philadelphia.

The creator of One Life to Live is Agnes Nixon who also created "All My Children". That series is set in another fictional locale called Pine Valley which is located near Llanview. Many characters from both series have appeared on the other series over the years.

Another crossover was used in 1968 to draw viewers to the new One Live to Live series. Dr. Steve Hardy from the series, "General Hospital" brought his fans to the show when he consulted on a blood disease that was afflicting Lord Wolek.

In 1988, a huge drilling rig was used on the show to out of the underground city in the Eterna storyline. Due to the complexity of the rig, the men who operated it were not actors ... they were professional well drillers. But as large as that equipment was, the biggest set that was ever created for a daytime drama appeared in the same storyline. The Great Hall of Eterna was 32 feet tall, had multiple levels and was a complete 360 degrees rather than just a front.

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