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Oliver Beene Cast

Series Description

The Oliver Beene TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on the FOX Network about the "mis"-adventures of an 11-year-old boy and his crazy family. For much better examples of the same theme see "The Wonder Years" or "Malcolm in the Middle".

Oliver Beene Cast

Grant Rosenmeyer .... Oliver Beene
Grant Shaud .... Dr. Jerrimiah "Jerry" Beene
Wendy Makkena .... Charlotte Caraline Beene
Andy Lawrence .... Tayler 'Ted' Mark Beene
Ben Bookbinder .... Neal
Taylor Emerson .... Michael
Annie Korzen .... Mrs. Heller
Daveigh Chase .... Joyce
Amy Castle .... Bonnie Fine

Oliver Beene Trivia

There were two additional episodes of the Oliver Beene TV show that were produced but they did not air prior to the series being canceled. Their titles were: "Superhero" and "The King & I"

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. A Day at the Beach (3/9/2003)
  2. Home, a Loan (3/16/2003)
  3. Space Race (3/30/2003)
  4. The Nudie Mag (4/6/2003)
  5. Lord of the Bees (4/13/2003)
  6. Dancing Beene (4/20/2003)
  7. Divorce-O-Rama (4/27/2003)
  8. Oliver's Best Friend (5/4/2003)
Season 2
  1. Dibs (2/4/2004)
  2. Soup to Nuts (2/8/2004)
  3. Daughter for a Day (2/15/2004)
  4. X-Ray Specs (2/22/2004)
  5. Ward Have Mercy (3/7/2004)
  6. Disposa Boy (3/14/2004)
  7. Idol Chatter (6/6/2004)
  8. Oliver and the Otters (6/13/2004)
  9. Kissing Babies (6/20/2004)
  10. Girly Dad (6/27/2004)
  11. Fallout (Pilot) (8/15/2004)
  12. Catskills (8/22/2004)
  13. A Trip to Coney Island (8/29/2004)
  14. Babysitting (9/12/2004)

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