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Series Description

Nashville is a 60 minute musical drama series on ABC about the most popular female country and western music star named Rayna Jaymes whose most recent album is not doing well and her concert seats are half empty. To make matters worse, she's asked by her record label to become the opening act for a much younger up-and-coming young singer named Juliettte Barnes. Juliette makes it obvious to Rayna that she sees her as a "has been" and that attitude develops into a serious rivalry between the two.

Nashville Cast

Hayden Panettiere ... Juliette Barnes
Connie Britton .... Rayna Jaymes
Eric Close .... Teddy Conrad
Clare Bowen .... Scarlett O'Connor
Charles Esten .... Deacon Claybourne
Robert Wisdom .... Coleman Carlisle
Jonathan Jackson .... Avery Barkley
Sam Palladio .... Gunnar Scott
Powers Boothe .... Lamar Wyatt
David Alford .... Bucky Dawes
Ed Amatrudo .... Glenn Goodman
Kourtney Hansen .... Emily
Judith Hoag .... Tandy Wyatt

Nashville Trivia

Each of the episodes of the first season of Nashville except for the pilot were titled after a Hank Williams tune.

The pilot episode of Nashville joined a tiny number of pilots to date that were available to view online before they aired on broadcast and cable television.

Actresses Lennon and Maisy Stella are sisters in real life and also play sisters Maddie and Daphne Conrad on Nashville.

Hayden Panettiere got started kind of early in show business. She landed her first role in a Playskool commercial at 11 months of age. She must have done a fine job as she's been hired to be in more than 50 commercials to date (2014). Hayden's dad is a lieutenant on a fire department and ironically, Hayden's first rescue on the series, "Heroes" was from a fire! Her last name is a real mouthfull! It's pronounced "Pan-Hey-Tee-Air-Hey".

Charles Esten has had quite a nice career on television so far but before his acting career got rolling, he appeared on two game shows as a contestant! He appeared on at least five episodes of "Sale of the Century" in 1988 and won more than $20,000 in cash and prizes! In 1990 he appeared on "Scrabble".

The third season of Nashville will premiere during the Fall 2014 TV season on September 24, 2014.

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