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Mutant X Cast

Series Description

The Mutant X TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series that aired in syndication about a geneticist who created mutant humans while working on a secret government project. When he discovered that his mutants were going to be used by a corrupt government official for immoral purposes he decided to do his best to protect them and the public by forming a group called "Mutant X".

Mutant X Cast

John Shea .... Adam Kane (2001-2003, 2004)
Forbes March .... Jesse Kilmartin
Victoria Pratt .... Shalimar Fox
Victor Webster .... Brennan Mulwray
Karen Cliche .... Lexa Pierce (2003-2004)
Lauren Lee Smith .... Emma DeLauro (2001-2003)
Tom McCamus .... Mason Eckhart (2001-2003)

Mutant X Trivia

Twentieth Century Fox initially sued Marvel Entertainment for allegedly violating their X-Men copyright. In order to go ahead with Mutant X's production, Marvel did away with the black costumes and character code names that they had originally planned and paralleled those of X-Men. John Shea was originally going to play a rich mutant named Zero but that was a bit too similar to X-Men's Professor Xavier. Mutant X's logo was going to be a "X" behind the word "Mutant" but that looked very similar to the X-Men logo that appeared in TV ads and trailers.

The code names that had to be discarded due to the law suit were "Synergy" to highlight the fact that Jesse Kilmartin could change his density, "Shadowfox" for Shalimar Fox's animalistic appearance, "Fuse" after Brennan Mulwray's ability to throw bolts of electricity and "Rapport" because of Emma DeLauro's empathic powers.

Jesse Kilmartin was originally planned to have the ability to split into three different people.

The secret government project where the mutants where created was kept secret by calling it "Genomex" and saying that it was a commercial biotech firm. The headquarters building seen on Mutant X is a building located on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada and it is actually a biotech company called "Genomex, Incorporated" in real life! The same building was used as "The Center" on the 1996 series, "The Pretender" and on a few episodes of another 1996 series, "Psi Factor".

Mutant X was still getting high ratings when it was canceled. In fact, it was renewed for a fourth season but one of the production companies ("Fireworks Entertainment") went out of business and that killed the show. Fireworks Entertainment also produced many other movies and TV series including "Andromeda", "La Femme Nikita" and "Relic Hunter".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. The Shock of the New - Part 1 (10/6/2001)
  2. I Scream the Body Electric - Part 2 (10/13/2001)
  3. Russian Roulette (10/20/2001)
  4. Fool for Love (10/27/2001)
  5. Kilohertz (11/3/2001)
  6. The Meaning of Death (11/10/2001)
  7. Lit Fuse (11/17/2001)
  8. In the Presence of Mine Enemies (11/24/2001)
  9. Crime of the New Century (12/1/2001)
  10. Dark Star Rising (1/19/2002)
  11. Whiter Shade of Pale (1/26/2002)
  12. Double Vision (2/2/2002)
  13. Blood Ties (2/9/2002)
  14. Altered Ego (2/16/2002)
  15. Lazarus Syndrome (2/23/2002)
  16. Interface (3/2/2002)
  17. Presumed Guilty (4/20/2002)
  18. Ex Marks the Spot (4/27/2002)
  19. Nothing to Fear (5/4/2002)
  20. Deadly Desire (5/11/2002)
  21. A Breed Apart (5/18/2002)
  22. Dancing on the Razor (7/6/2002)
Season 2
  1. Past as Prologue (10/5/2002)
  2. Power Play (10/12/2002)
  3. Time Squared (10/19/2002)
  4. Whose Woods These Are (10/26/2002)
  5. The Future Revealed (11/2/2002)
  6. No Man Left Behind (11/9/2002)
  7. Crossroads of the Soul (11/16/2002)
  8. Sign from Above (11/23/2002)
  9. Body and Soul (11/30/2002)
  10. Understudy (1/13/2003)
  11. The Grift (1/20/2003)
  12. At Destiny's End (1/27/2003)
  13. Within These Walls (2/3/2003)
  14. Hard Time (2/10/2003)
  15. Under the Cloak of War (2/17/2003)
  16. Once Around (2/24/2003)
  17. Final Judgment (4/7/2003)
  18. Inferno (4/14/2003)
  19. One Step Closer (4/21/2003)
  20. Reality Check (4/28/2003)
  21. Reawakening (5/5/2003)
  22. Lest He Become (5/12/2003)
Season 3
  1. Into the Moonless Night (9/29/2003)
  2. Wages of Sin (10/6/2003)
  3. The Breed (10/13/2003)
  4. Where Evil Dwells (10/20/2003)
  5. The Taking of Crows (10/27/2003)
  6. Shadows of Darkness (11/3/2003)
  7. The Hand of God (11/10/2003)
  8. Wasteland (11/17/2003)
  9. No Exit (1/12/2004)
  10. Brother's Keeper (1/19/2004)
  11. Possibilities (1/26/2004)
  12. Conspiracy Theory (2/2/2004)
  13. Art of Attraction (2/9/2004)
  14. A Normal Life (2/16/2004)
  15. Divided Loyalties (2/23/2004)
  16. Age of Innocence (4/5/2004)
  17. She's Come Undone (4/12/2004)
  18. In Between (4/19/2004)
  19. Dream Lover (4/26/2004)
  20. The Prophecy (5/3/2004)
  21. Cirque des Merveilles (5/10/2004)
  22. The Assault (5/17/2004)

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