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The Mickey Rooney Show Cast

There was another series titled, "The Mickey Rooney Show" that aired in 1964. If you were looking for that series, you can find it here!

Series Description

The Mickey Rooney Show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about Mickey Mulligan who worked as a page for the ficticious International Broadcasting Company (IBC) in Los Angeles. Mickey had bigger plans though as he struggled to become an actor. Mickey and his girlfriend Pat, however, are the only two who felt he had a chance to succeed. His friends and employers are not supportive in any sense of the word.

Mickey Rooney Show Cast

Mickey Rooney .... Mickey Mulligan
Claire Carleton .... Mrs. Mulligan
Regis Toomey .... Joe Mulligan
Carla Balenda .... Pat
John Hubbard .... Mr. Brown
Joey Forman .... Freddie
Alan Mowbray .... The Drama Instructor

Mickey Rooney Show Trivia

The Mickey Rooney Show is also sometimes referred to as, "Hey, Mulligan!" or "Hey, Mickey!"

Many viewers will remember Regis Toomey from his role as "Detective Lester 'Les' Hart" on the series, "Burke's Law".

Mickey Mulligan's father was a policeman and his mother was a former burlesque queen. His girlfriend Pat was a secretary at IBC. Mr. Brown was his boss at IBC.

The Mickey Rooney Show's sponsor was the Green Giant Company.

The Mickey Rooney Show aired at 8PM Eastern time on Saturdays. It was produced by Mickey Rooney, Maurice Duke, Robert Angus, and Joseph Santley. Directed by Leslie H. Martinson and Richard Quine. Writers included Blake Edwards, Benedict Freedman, John Fenton Murray, and Richard Quine.

Mickey Rooney had been a huge child star! Unfortunately, many producers and the public in general continued to think of him that was as he grew older. He actually played the part of a teenager in this series while in real-life he was in his mid-thirties! Seventeen years later, Mickey was considered for the role of "Archie Bunker" on the series, "All in the Family" but didn't get it. Some entertainment insiders felt that the 51-year-old icon was still seen by many as "Andy Hardy", his best known role as a child!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (8/28/1954)
  2. Moon or Bust (9/4/1954)
  3. Disc Jockey (9/11/1954)
  4. Double Trouble (9/18/1954)
  5. Private Eye (9/25/1954)
  6. The Grunion Hunt Mystery (10/2/1954)
  7. Ghost Story (10/9/1954)
  8. The Lion Hunt (10/16/1954)
  9. The Bronc Buster (10/23/1954)
  10. Tiger Mulligan (10/30/1954)
  11. The Other Woman (11/6/1954)
  12. Diamond in the Rough (11/20/1954)
  13. The Executive (11/27/1954)
  14. The Seance (12/4/1954)
  15. The Voice (12/11/1954)
  16. Title Unknown (12/18/1954)
  17. Fan Mail (12/25/1954)
  18. Scoop Mulligan (1/1/1955)
  19. The Fur Coat (1/8/1955)
  20. The Basketball Star (1/15/1955)
  21. The Wedding Present (1/22/1955)
  22. Mickey and the Mummy (1/29/1955)
  23. Seven Days to Doom (2/5/1955)
  24. Cinderella Nell (2/12/1955)
  25. Star Struck (2/19/1955)
  26. The Average Man (2/26/1955)
  27. Friends and Foes (3/5/1955)
  28. The Producer (3/12/1955)
  29. Title Unknown (3/26/1955)
  30. The Giant Killer (4/2/1955)
  31. Title Unknown (4/16/1955)
  32. The Robot (5/7/1955)
  33. Big Business (Airdate Unknown)
  34. Miss IBC (Airdate Unknown)
  35. The Guardian (Airdate Unknown)

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