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Mickey Cast
Series Description

The Mickey TV Show was a comedy series about a retired businessman (played by Mickey Rooney) who is forced to come out of retirement when he inherits a luxury hotel in Newport Beach, California. This series is not to be confused with the 1954-1955 series also starring Mickey Rooney. That show was titled, "The Mickey Rooney Show" but is often referred to as "Hey Mulligan". If you were looking for that series, you can find it here!


Mickey Rooney .............. Mickey Grady
Emmaline Henry ............. Nora Grady
Sammee Tong ................ Sammy Ling
Tim Rooney ................. Timmy Grady
Brian Nash ................. Buddy Grady
Alan Reed .................. Mr. Swidler

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Luck Of The Irish (9/16/1964)
  2. The Case Of The Slippery Slipsy (9/23/1964)
  3. The Big Jump (9/30/1964)
  4. Seaside-Westside (10/7/1964)
  5. The Way The Fortune Cookie Crumbles (10/14/1964)
  6. Mickey Crashes The Movies (10/21/1964)
  7. How To Raise Children Without Really Trying (10/28/1964)
  8. Goodnight, Whoever You Are (11/4/1964)
  9. Nobody Buys Retail (11/11/1964)
  10. Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone (11/18/1964)
  11. Honest Injun (11/25/1964)
  12. Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed (12/2/1964)
  13. For The Love Of Grandpa Toddie (12/9/1964)
  14. The Elephant Mickey Won't Forget (12/16/1964)
  15. One More Kiss (12/23/1964)
  16. Be My Guest (1/6/1965)
  17. Mickey Takes Over (1/13/1965)

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