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The Men Into Space TV show was a 30 minute sci-fi series on CBS and was television's first attempt at showing what might become the future of mankind's venture into space. It followed the adventures of Colonel Edward McCauley as he travelled by rocket ship from a space station to a moonbase and to other planets in our solar system.

Men Into Space Cast

William Lundigan .... Colonel Edward McCauley
Joyce Taylor .... Mary McCauley

Men Into Space Trivia

CBS decided to produce the Men Into Space TV show as a direct response to the launching of the first man-made satellite (Sputnik) by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957. That event drew the public's attention to the exploration of space like never before.

In every episode, an astronaut would manage to survive against all odds from some dangerous mishap.

Every effort was made to keep the scripts and props based on scientific fact as much as possible. Numerous scientists and the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force provided assistance in production of the show.

The Men Into Space TV show was produced by Ziv Television Productions who also produced, "The Aquanauts", "Bat Masterson", "Boston Blackie", "The Cisco Kid", "Man and the Challenge", "Science Fiction Theatre", and "Sea Hunt" among many others.

Joyce Taylor played the role of Mary McCauley in the series, but Angie Dickinson played the role in the Men Into Space TV show's pilot!

Space suits, props, and sets from the Men Into Space TV show were also used in the 1959 theatrical movie, "The Phantom Planet".

William Lundigan was discovered by Charles R. Rogers, the head of the production department at Universal Studios when Rogers heard Lundigan voicing a commercial on radio station WFBL in Syracuse, New York. Lundigan got a screen test in New York city which led to his acting career. He can partially thank his father for his discovery. Lundigan's dad owned the building in which WFBL radio was located.

Men Into Space was nominated for the Science Fiction Industry's "Hugo Award" for "Best Dramatic Presentation" in 1960.

Joyce Taylor's stage name came from her hometown of Taylorville, Illinois. She began her career by signing a recording contract with Mercury Records at age 15. Then, in the 1950s, she got a contract with Howard Hughes' RKO Studios. In seven years there, she was only given one small role in the 1956 film, "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt". After that, she did much better with her role on Men Into Space, guest roles on other TV shows, and several supporting roles in feature films.

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