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The Man From Atlantis Cast

Series Description

The Man From Atlantis TV show was a 60 minute fantasy series on NBC about a "man" who was found unconscious on a beach. "Man" may not be the best term for him, however, as his hands and feet were "webbed" between his fingers and his toes! He also had gills like a fish. Doctor Elizabeth Merrill "nursed" him back to health and he explained that he was from the Lost Continent of Atlantis! He then joined her, along with a team of other scientists, to explore the undersea world.

Man From Atlantis Cast

Patrick Duffy .... Mark Harris
Belinda Montgomery .... Doctor Elizabeth Merrill
Victor Buono .... Mr. Shubert
Alan Fudge .... C.W. Crawford
Robert Lussier .... Brent
Richard Williams .... Jomo
Anson Downes .... Allen
Jean Marie Hon .... Jane
J. Victor Lopez .... Chuey

Man From Atlantis Trivia

Due to his having gills, Mark Harris could only breath for 12 hours before being forced to return to the ocean.

You probably have a much clearer memory of Patrick Duffy in his role as Bobby Ewing on the series, "Dallas (1978)" and Belinda Montgomery as Katherine O'Brien on, "Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989)"

Mark's webbed hands and feet allowed him to swim as fast as a Dolphin.

Mark also had super-human strength, sight and hearing.

While exploring the undersea world, Mark and Doctor Merrill travelled in an advanced submersible vehicle called the "Cetacean".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

1... Pilot (2 Hour Premiere Movie) (3/4/1977)
2... Death Scouts (4/22/1977)
3... Killer Spores (5/17/1977)
4... The Disappearance (6/12/1977)

The Second Season

5... Melt Down (9/22/1977)
6... The Mudworm (10/13/1977)
7... The Hawk Of Mu (10/18/1977)
8... Giant (10/25/1977)
9... Man O' War (11/1/1977)
10. Shootout At Land's End (11/8/1977)
11. Crystal Water, Sudden Death (11/22/1977)
12. The Naked Montague (12/6/1977)
13. CW Hyde (12/13/1977)
14. Scavenger Hunt (4/18/1978)
15. The Imp (4/25/1978)
16. The Siren (5/2/1978)
17. Deadly Carnival (6/6/1978)

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