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Doogie Howser Cast

Series Description

The Doogie Howser TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a teenager with an extremely high IQ. He graduated from medical school at age 14, becoming a very young doctor. The series mainly focused on his challenges in taking on so much responsibility so young in life and, at the same time, trying to be a normal teenager.

Doogie Howser Cast

Neil Patrick Harris .... Doogie Howser
Max Casella .... Vinnie Delpino
James Sikking .... David Howser
Lisa Dean Ryan .... Wanda Plenn
Belinda Montgomery .... Katherine Howser
Kathryn Layng .... Nurse Spaulding
Lawrence Pressman .... Doctor Canfield
Markus Redmond .... Raymond Alexander
Mitchell Anderson .... Dr. Jack McGuire

Doogie Howser Trivia:

ABC executives were not happy with Steven Bochco's choice of Neil Patrick Harris to play Doogie Howser on the series. Bochco went ahead and shot a pilot with Harris in the role anyway and the network hated it. Luckily, it scored really high with test audiences and the rest is TV history!

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