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Series Description

The LOST TV show was a 60 minute reality series on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom and on NBC in the Untied States where 6 contestants were blindfolded and taken to a remote, uninhabited location in Mongolia by helicopter. They were split into three two-person teams, given food/water/$10.00 in cash, and told to find their way to the Statue of Liberty. The first team to arrive would split the $200,000 grand prize!


Al Trautwig - Narrator
Carla Antonino - Winner
Lando - Winner
Celeste - 2nd Place
Tami - 2nd Place
Courtland - 3rd Place
Joe - 3rd Place


The LOST TV show was filmed over a three week period.

There were originally supposed to be five episodes of LOST but episodes #2 ("Still Lost") and episode #3 ("Trains, Planes, And Some Help") did not air. The day before episode #2 was to air was September 11, 2001 and we all know what happened on that day. The terrorist attacks on the United States dominated the airwaves and all network series took a hiatus. Since LOST was only a "filler" series, the two missed episodes could not be made up.

The teams on LOST were not teams until the series began.

In order to ensure that the teams would be truly lost, even the camermen were clueless as to where they were.

There were tasks to be completed and puzzles for the contestants to solve on LOST. When they were successfull, they were usually given some reward ... often the combination to open a case in their backpacks with more money.

If you think that this series sounds a bit like "The Amazing Race", well, they contestants wouldn't agree. Starting out with only $10.00 in Mongolia, they didn't automatically get more money after a segment of the journey, they had to find a way to get airline tickets, cab fares, food, etc.

There was some controversy about whether the teams were truly "on their own" due to the fact that they were given satellite phones for their trek. To be fair, however, they were only allowed to use those to contact the show's producers about clarification of the rules on LOST, to share their experiences with producers, or in case of an emergency.

LOST was co-produced by "Conaco", Conan O'Brien's production company.

There was originally to have been a second "season" of LOST with new contestants which would have immediately followed the first "season".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Find Your Way Home (9/5/2001)
  2. Siberia (9/26/2001)
  3. Lady Liberty (10/3/2001)

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