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The Legend of Prince Valiant was an animated kids TV show on the Family Channel about Prince Valiant of Thule who dreamt that King Arthur wanted him to come to the legendary kingdom of Camelot. A commoner named Arn and the daughter of a blacksmith named Rowanne joined him and together they arrived in the kingdom where they worked hard to become knights of King Arthur's Round Table.



Robby Benson .... Prince Valiant
Noelle North .... Rowenne
Alan Oppenheimer .... Merlin
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. .... King Arthur
James Avery .... Sir Bryant
Samantha Eggar .... Queen Guinevere
Michael Horton .... Arn
Tim Curry .... Sir Gawain
Jeff Bennett .... Lord Maldon
Bob Bergen .... Miscellaneous Voices
Jack Angel .... Miscellaneous Voices

Prince Valiant Trivia

You might remember Robby Benson from his 11 appearances as "Professor Witt" on the series "American Dreams".

Alan Oppenheimer is one of those actors whose name you may not recognize, but due to the well over 200 times he's been on the screen, you definitely recognize his face. In the early 1990s, he appeared on 11 episodes of "Murphy Brown (1988)" as "Eugene Kinsella" and, as recently as 2003, he appeared as "Alistair Crane" on four episodes of the daytime drama, "Passions". Some of his other appearances were on "The Gilmore Girls", "The Practice","Chicago Hope", and "Diagnosis Murder".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. The Dream (9/3/1991)
  2. The Journey (9/9/1991)
  3. The Blacksmith's Daughter (9/16/1991)
  4. The Kidnapping (9/23/1991)
  5. The Trust (9/29/1991)
  6. The Finding of Camelot (10/6/1991)
  7. The Gift (10/13/1991)
  8. The Singing Sword (10/20/1991)
  9. The Trust Betrayed (10/27/1991)
  10. The Secret of Perilous Garde (12/1/1991)
  11. The Return (12/8/1991)
  12. The Visitor (12/15/1991)
  13. The Awakening (1/5/1992)
  14. The Guardian (1/12/1992)
  15. The Trap (1/26/1992)
  16. The Turn of the Wheel (3/1/1992)
  17. The Competitor (3/8/1992)
  18. The Road Back (3/15/1992)
  19. The Fist of Iron (3/22/1992)
  20. The Waif (3/29/1992)
  21. The Dawn of Darkness (4/5/1992)
  22. The Battle of Greystone (4/12/1992)
  23. The Reunion (4/19/1992)
  24. The Choice (4/26/1992)
  25. The Triumph (5/3/1992)
  26. The Dream Come True (5/10/1992)
Season 2

NOTE: We have not been able to find a source for air dates for most of the second season of "The Legend of Prince Valiant" but here are the titles:

  1. The Lost
  2. The Deception
  3. The Black Rose
  4. The Beggar
  5. The Flute
  6. The Color of Honor
  7. The Lesson Twice Learned
  8. Peace on Earth
  9. The Cursed
  10. The Traitor
  11. Empty Justice
  12. The Crossbow
  13. The Rival
  14. The Tree
  15. The Princess Aleta
  16. The Voyage
  17. Mordred's Return
  18. The Rescue
  19. The Parting
  20. The Walls of Tyranny
  21. The Jubilee
  22. The Treaty
  23. The Blackest Poison
  24. The Hero
  25. The Vision
  26. The Shadows of Destiny
  27. The Eyes of the Serpent
  28. The Spirit of Valor
  29. The Aurora
  30. The Burning Bridge
  31. The Sage
  32. The Song of Valor
  33. The Ring of Truth
  34. A Light in the Dark (12/19/1993)
  35. The Ghost (12/26/1993)
  36. A New Dawn (1/2/1994)
  37. The Death of Arthur (1/9/1994)
  38. The Gathering Storm (1/16/1994)
  39. The Hinge of Faith (5/13/1994)

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