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How to Be a Gentleman Cast

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The How to Be a Gentleman TV show was a 30 minute comedy series that premiered on September 29, 2011 on CBS. It was about a prim and proper, old-fashioned, super-polite and very "un-macho" guy and his old high school classmate who was a true "Man's Man" with almost no manners whatsoever. They did their best to help each other become more socially acceptable.

How to Be a Gentleman Cast

David Hornsby .... Andrew Carlson
Kevin Dillon .... Bert Lansing
Nancy Lenehan .... Diane
Dave Foley .... Jerry
Mary Lynn Rajskub .... Janet
Rhys Darby .... Mike
Erinn Hayes .... Lauren
Fiona Gubelmann .... Amy
Scott MacArthur .... Tom
Craig Gellis .... Derek

How to Be a Gentleman Trivia

David Hornsby not only stars on How to Be a Gentleman, he also wrote the show.

How to Be a Gentleman is loosely based on the book, "How To Be a Gentleman: A Contemporary Guide to Common Courtesy" by John Bridges but the book is a serious look at being gentlemanly and the series is a comedy about the conflicting mannerisms between a gentleman and his "Man's man" buddy.

CBS originally ordered 13 episodes of How to Be a Gentleman. Ratings were extremely poor for the first two episodes that aired on Thursday evenings. The day after the second episode aired, CBS announced that their initial order had been reduced to nine episodes and that the remaining seven episodes would air on Saturday evenings. After just one Saturday episode that only got half of the viewers from the rerun of "Two and a Half Men" that preceded it, it was decided to air the remaining six episodes during the summer season.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/29/2011)
  2. How To Have A One-Night Stand (10/6/2011)
  3. How to Attend Your Ex-Fiance's Wedding (10/15/2011)
  4. How To Share A Relationship (5/26/2012)
  5. How To Be Draft Andrew (5/26/2012)
  6. How to Dip Your Pen in the Company Ink (6/2/2012)
  7. How to Get Along With Your Boss's New Girlfriend (6/9/2012)
  8. How to Upstage Thanksgiving (6/16/2012)
  9. How to Be Shallow (6/23/2012)

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