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Hot L Baltimore Cast

Series Description

The Hot L Baltimore TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about the truly bizarre events involving the occupants of the sleazy Hotel Baltimore.

Hot L Baltimore Cast

Richard Masur .... Clifford Ainsley
Conchata Ferrell .... April Green
James Cromwell .... Bill Lewis
Charlotte Rae .... Mrs. Bellotti
Al Freeman Jr. .... Charles Bingham
Jeannie Linero .... Suzy Marta Rocket
Gloria LeRoy .... Millie
Lee Bergere .... George
Robin Wilson .... Jackie
Stan Gottlieb .... Mr. Morse
Henry Calvert .... Gordon

Hot L Baltimore Trivia

In case you haven't already figured it out, the series was called "Hot L Baltimore" because the neon sign in front of the sleazbag "Hotel" had burnt out.

Hot L Baltimore was created by executive producer, Norman Lear who was notorious for developing TV shows that challenged the censors of the 1970s! His series, "All in the Family" presented unapologetic bigotry to the public! "Good Times" highlighted controversial racial issues. "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" covered many unprecedented sensitive subjects including adultery, homosexuality, and venereal disease but "Hot L Baltimore" may have been the most disturbing to the most viewers. With its cast of characters that included two middle-aged gay lovers and a couple of prostitutes, Hot L Baltimore opened up the subject matter on TV to just about every possibility, no matter how disgusting some viewers may have found it!

The Hot L Baltimore TV show was inspired by an off-Broadway play of the same name by Lanford Wilson and starring Judd Hirsch ("Taxi" and "Numb3rs"). It won a "Drama Critics Circle Award" in 1973 for "Best American Play"!

Charlotte Rae ("The Facts of Life") played a woman who visited the hotel because her "nutso" son "Moose" lived there. The crazy things Moose did were regulary spoken of but he was never actually seen on the show!

Hot L Baltimore was the first time that Conchata Ferrell had a regular role on TV! Prior to that, she had only been seen on one episode of "Maude", another Norman Lear Production. You probably know Conchata today from her role as the housekeeper on "Two and a Half Men". She's also well-remembered for her role as attorney, "Susan Bloom" on "L.A. Law". Her role on Hot L Baltimore was particularly interesting. She played a heavyset hooker where prostitutes are typically cast with slender actresses. When you think about it, Conchata has usually played characters with personalities more "abrasive" than the "happy go lucky" large person. Maybe that's what makes her so fantastic in her roles!

Another Hot L Baltimore cast member that has continued to have quite a nice career is Janes Cromwell. You may know him best from his role as "Senator Baines" on the short-lived series, "Citizen Baines". Even more viewers came to know James as Nate and David Fisher's dead but often present father on "Six Feet Under". Most recently, James has appeared as the father of Jack Bauer on the "24 TV Show". ABC was absolutely bombarded with viewer mail protesting the subject matter and the censors were also a never-ending headache. The network stuck by Hot L Baltimore, however, and kept it on the air as long as could be expected but eventually ratings nose-dived and the show was canceled.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Suzy's Wedding (1/24/1975)
  2. Millie's Beau (1/31/1975)
  3. Suzy's New Job (2/7/1975)
  4. The Rent Increase (2/14/1975)
  5. George and Gordon (2/21/1975)
  6. The Date (2/28/1975)
  7. The Deportation of Suzy (3/7/1975)
  8. Mrs. Bellotti's Boyfriend (3/14/1975)
  9. Brigham's Con (3/21/1975)
  10. Historic L Baltimore (3/28/1975)
  11. Ainsley Loves April (4/4/1975)
  12. Suzy's Problem (4/11/1975)
  13. Ainsley's Secret (4/25/1975)

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