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The Harry O TV show was a 60 minute crime drama series on ABC about a former San Diego, California cop who was forced to retire on disability after being shot in the back in the line of duty.

Harry O Cast

David Janssen .... Harry Orwell
Henry Darrow .... Detective Lieutenant Manuel "Manny" Quinlan (Episodes 3-15, 23)
Paul Tulley .... Sergeant Don Roberts (Episodes 17-46)
Anthony Zerbe .... Lieutenant K.C. Trench (Episodes 17-46)
Farrah Fawcett-Majors .... Sue Ingram (Episodes 21-42)

Harry O Trivia

Harry moved to Los Angeles and opened his own private investigation agency. Due to his injury Harry was no flashy, high action detective, rather he just kind of plugged along through a case until he solved it.

Harry O began in San Diego but was moved to Malibu near the end of the first season because production costs were ridiculously high in San Diego.

After moving to Malibu, Harry was fortunate to get a beautiful next door neighbor named Sue Ingram and played by iconic actress Farrah Fawcett-Majors of "Charlie's Angels" fame. Harry even got to date her occasionally!

While Harry O only drew a respectable number of viewers, critics loved the show! They raved about the well thought out scripts and the terrific dramatic portrayal of the day to day life of the typical private investigator by Janssen rather than the usual overly glorified lifestyle on most similar programs.

One reason that Harry didn't live in a penthouse suite and drive a fancy sports car like many other TV detectives was that he was living on a meager disability check and his fees of $100 per day when working plus expenses and mileage. He did ok but he wasn't exactly well off.

David Janssen's career began like many actors with a series of bit parts and guest-starring roles on TV series. Then in 1957 he got his big break when Dick Powell decided that he was too old to portray the lead role on the TV version of his popular radio series, "Richard Diamond Private Detective". He gave the role to the much younger Janssen and that led to a fast paced rise to stardom! After numerous starring roles on TV movies, Janssen landed his role on Harry O and then went on to many more TV movies and miniseries. One of those was the landmark look at a full century of American history that was covered in detail over more than 21 hours on the "Centennial Miniseries". Janssen both played a major role on that production and narrated the entire series! Of course, we can't forget to note Janssen's greatest role on the classic series, "The Fugitive" where for 120 episodes over four seasons he played an innocent man accused of murdering his wife who ran from the police while trying to find his wife's killer!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

TV Pilot Episodes

Such Dust as Dreams Are Made On (3/11/1973)
Smile Jenny, You're Dead (2/3/1974)

Season 1

  1. Gertrude (9/12/1974)
  2. The Admiral's Lady (9/19/1974)
  3. Guardian at the Gates (9/26/1974)
  4. Mortal Sin (10/3/1974)
  5. Coinage of the Realm (10/10/1974)
  6. Eyewitness (10/17/1974)
  7. Shadows at Noon (10/24/1974)
  8. Ballinger's Choice (10/31/1974)
  9. Second Sight (11/7/1974)
  10. Material Witness (11/14/1974)
  11. Forty Reasons to Kill - Part 1 (12/5/1974)
  12. Forty Reasons to Kill - Part 2 (12/12/1974)
  13. Accounts Balanced (12/26/1974)
  14. The Last Heir (1/9/1975)
  15. For the Love of Money (1/16/1974)
  16. The Confetti People (1/23/1975)
  17. Sound of Trumpets (1/30/1975)
  18. Silent Kill (2/6/1975)
  19. Double Jeopardy (2/13/1975)
  20. Lester (2/20/1975)
  21. Elegy for a Cop (2/27/1975)
  22. Street Games (3/2/1975)
Season 2
  1. Anatomy of a Frame (9/11/1975)
  2. One for the Road (9/18/1975)
  3. Lester Two (9/25/1975)
  4. Shades (10/2/1975)
  5. Portrait of a Murder (11/20/1975)
  6. The Acolyte (10/16/1975)
  7. Mayday (10/23/1975)
  8. Tender Killing Care (10/30/1975)
  9. APB Harry Orwell (11/6/1975)
  10. Group Terror (11/13/1975)
  11. Reflections (10/9/1975)
  12. Exercise in Fatality (12/4/1975)
  13. The Madona Legacy (12/11/1975)
  14. Mister Five and Dime (1/8/1976)
  15. Book of Changes (1/15/1976)
  16. Past Imperfect (1/22/1976)
  17. Hostage (2/19/1976)
  18. Forbidden City (2/26/1976)
  19. Victim (3/4/1976)
  20. Ruby (3/11/1976)
  21. The Mysterious Case of Lester and Dr. Fong (3/18/1976)
  22. Death Certificate (4/29/1976)

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