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The Grey's Anatomy TV show is a 60 minute medical drama series with a comedy twist on ABC. It is about five surgical residents doing their internships in Seattle, Washington. The competetive spirit between the interns and their dealings with their superiors provide plenty of fodder for comedy, drama, and even some romance.

Grey's Anatomy Cast

Ellen Pompeo .... Doctor Meredith Grey
Patrick Dempsey .... Doctor Derek Shepherd
James Pickens Jr. .... Doctor Richard Webber
T.R. Knight .... Doctor George O'Malley (2005-2009)
Sandra Oh .... Doctor Christina Yang (2005-2014)
Katherine Heigl .... Doctor Isobel "Izzie" Stevens (2005-2010)
Chandra Wilson .... Doctor Miranda Bailey
Justin Chambers .... Doctor Alex Karev
Kate Walsh .... Doctor Addison Shepherd (2005-)
Sara Ramirez .... Doctor Callie Torres (2006-)
Kevin McKidd .... Doctor Owen Hunt (2008-)
Jessica Capshaw .... Doctor Arizona Robbins (2009-)
Jesse Williams .... Doctor Jackson Avery (2009-)
Kim Raver .... Doctor Teddy Altman (2009-)
Sarah Drew .... Doctor April Kepner (2009-)
Moe Irvin .... Nurse Tyler (2005-)
Steven W. Bailey .... Joe (2005-2010)
Isaiah Washington .... Preston Burke (2005-2007)
Mark Saul .... Doctor Steve Mostow (2007-2010)
Eric Dane .... Doctor Mark Sloan (2006-2012)

Grey's Anatomy Trivia:

The Grey's Anatomy TV show got its title from a book by Henry Gray titled, "Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body" although it is not based on that book.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes was surprised after ABC executives expressed their opinions about the pilot. Apparently, all of them were men and one of them even stood up and forcefully said that no one would watch a show where a woman would engage in sexual relations with a fellow she just met on the night before she was starting a new job. Shonda says that those male executives obviously had no idea what was going on in the world.

As of the writing of this, Shonda has gone on to create two more series, "Scandal" and "How to Get Away With Murder". We're pretty sure there will be more!

The series title was originally planned to be, "Complications".

Katherine Heigl (Izzie Stevens) auditioned for all three female lead roles on the series, "Roswell" before winning the role of Isabel Evans. Katherine is a former model and was represented by the "Elite Modelling Agency". Her last name is pronounced "HIGH gull".

Every Grey's Anatomy season 1 episode title except for episode #7, "The Self Destruct Button", is also a song title!

Kate Walsh was originally only supposed to appear on five episodes of Grey's Anatomy but fans of the show liked her so much that she became a regular cast member.

Chandra Wilson's first TV series as a regular cast member was on the TV show, "Bob Patterson". She has appeared in television commercials for Blockbuster Video, Burger King, Scope, and the United Negro College Fund and has also done numerous radio commercials.

Some of the exterior views of the Seattle Grace Hospital were actually shots of Seattle's ABC affiliate station "KOMO 4". If you watch closely during the pilot episode where a patient is arriving by helicopter, you can spot the KOMO 4 logo and the station's numerous satellite dishes on the roof!

Other than his role as Terrance Christianson on the series, "The Lyons Den", James Pickens Jr. has done quite a few recurring roles on other TV series. He appeared 20 times as FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh on the series, "The X-Files"; seven times as Clyde Coleman on the series, "Philly"; 14 times as Detective Mike McKrew on the series, "The Practice"; and 4 to 6 appearances on several others.

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