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Are you looking for the sitcom that premiered in 2015 and is also titled, "The Goldbergs"?

Series Description

The Goldbergs TV show was a comedy series about a Jewish family's dealings with the day-to-day obstacles of life. The stories were told through the eyes of Molly Goldberg, the family's strong and loving mother.

The Goldbergs Cast

Gertrude Berg .... Molly Goldberg
Philip Loeb .... Jake Goldberg (1949-1951)
Harold J. Stone .... Jake Goldberg (1952)
Robert H. Harris .... Jake Goldberg (1953-1956)
Arlene McQuade .... Rosalie Goldberg
Eli Mintz .... Uncle David (1949-1952) (1954-1955)
Larry Robinson .... Sammie Goldberg (1949-1952)
Tom Taylor .... Sammie Goldberg (1954-1956)
Arnold Stang .... Seymour (1954-1955)
Betty Bendyke .... Dora Barnett Goldberg (1955-1956)
Jon Lormer .... Henry Carey (1955-1956)
Susan Steel .... Daisy Carey (1955-1956)
Ruth Yorke .... Carrie Barnett (1955-1956)
Olga Fabian .... Mrs. Bloom (1953)
Menasha Skulnik .... Uncle David (1953)

The Goldbergs Trivia

The Golbergs began as a radio program. Gertrude Berg was the powerhouse behind the series. She produced it, wrote the scripts, and played the lead role! The Goldbergs ran on the radio from 1930 to 1947! It was the second longest-running radio program in history! (Amos and Andy was number One).

Between the time that the series ended on the radio and began on television, it appeared as a Broadway show titled, "The Goldbergs, Molly and Me".

When The Goldbergs made the move to television, only Gertrude Berg remained from the radio show cast. The TV series was the third most watched one on television in its first year, making it one of the few radio programs to successfully make the transformation!

The Goldbergs was broadcast live on CBS - Monday nights (in various time slots) until June of 1951.

Originally, the TV show was sponsored by Sanka Coffee, a division of General Mills. Philip Loeb was blacklisted as a communist by the McCarthy Senate Hearings. General Mills became nervous about consumer protests and demanded that he be fired. At first, Gertrude Berg absolutely refused and ratings plummeted due to the public outcry against the "so-called communist" being on the show. The series was then canceled. In 1952, the series returned on NBC when Berg gave in and replaced Loeb with Harold Stone. She did her best for Loeb by keeping him on the payroll (but off camera) at full salary. Unfortunately, Loeb became a victim of the communist-seekers twice over when he committed suicide in 1955, having sunk into a severe depression over losing his occupation at the pinnacle of his success.

For the first six months at NBC, The Goldbergs aired only 15 minutes per night on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings from 7:15PM to 7:30PM. Then, for its final 3 months on NBC, the show returned to its original 30 minute format on Friday evening.

The Goldbergs moved briefly to the struggling Dumont Network before being canceled there also. At that time, the Goldbergs had moved up in life to the suburbs but, otherwise, the series remained the same.

The serie that wouldn't die still managed to stay on the air in first-run syndication for the entire 1955/1956 season!

The Goldbergs was nominated for an Emmy in 1950 for "Best Kinescope Show". A kinescope show is one that was recorded using 16mm film.

There was even a comic strip themed on The Goldbergs!

Gertrude Berg won a Tony Award in 1959 as "Best Actress" for her performance in the Broadway play, "A Majority of One" which had run for two years! She also returned to CBS in 1961 in a new series titled, "Mrs. G. Goes to College" which lasted 26 episodes. She died on September 14, 1966 while getting ready for yet another Broadway run.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates The only information we have for episode air dates is as follows:

First Episode (Title Unknown): January 17, 1949
Last Episode (Title Unknown): October 19, 1954

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