The Girl With Something Extra

The Girl With Something Extra Cast

Series Description

The Girl With Something Extra TV show was a 30 minute situation comedy/fantasy series on NBC about a young newlywed wife whose abilitiy to read people's minds tended to get herself and often her new husband into one uncomfortable situation after another.

Girl With Something Extra Cast

Sally Field .... Sally Burton
John Davidson .... John Burton
Jack Sheridan .... Jerry Burton
Henry Jones .... Owen Metcalf
William Windom .... Stuart Kline
Teri Garr .... Amber
Zohra Lampert .... Anne
Stephanie Edwards .... Angela
Jack Sheldon .... Jerry Burton
William Windom .... Stuart Kline

Girl With Something Extra Opening Narrative

(John Davidson & Sally Field's voices as John and Sally Burton.)

John: Let me get this straight, you can read everybody's mind?

Sally: Of course not. Just some people.

John: What people?

Sally: Well, some people more of the time, and then some people some of the time, and a few people, most of the time.

John: What category do I fall into?

Sally: The last one?

John: Most of the time?

Sally: Yeah.

Girl With Something Extra Trivia

In addition to this series, Sally Field has also starred on "Gidget", "The Flying Nun", and "Brothers and Sisters".

Sally also hasn't done too badly for herself when it comes to her roles on the big screen either. As of the time of this writing (2008), Sally Field has the distinction of being one of only six actors/actresses to be nominated for two Oscars and won them both! (For "Norma Rae" in 1980 and "Places in the Heart" in 1985) The other five are, "Luise Rainer", "Vivien Leigh", "Helen Hayes", "Kevin Spacey", and "Hilary Swank".

The plot for the Girl With Something Extra TV show immediately brings to mind another show that ended in March of 1972 after a whopping eight seasons on the air! That series of course was "Bewitched" which also featured a young newlywed couple with the wife having super-human powers that caused many problems for her and her husband.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Sally On My Mind (9/14/1973)
  2. Everything You Wanted To Hide And Couldn't (9/21/1973)
  3. A Gift For The Gifted (9/28/1973)
  4. How Green Was Las Vegas (10/5/1973)
  5. All The Nude That's Fit To Print (10/12/1973)
  6. John & Sally & Fred & Linda (10/19/1973)
  7. One Of Our Hens Is Missing (10/26/1973)
  8. No Benefit Of Doubt (11/2/1973)
  9. And Baby Makes Two (11/9/1973)
  10. It's So Peaceful In The Country (11/23/1973)
  11. Sugar And Spice And Quarterback Sneak (11/30/1973)
  12. Minding Mama (12/7/1973)
  13. A Meeting Of Minds (12/21/1973)
  14. Guess Who's Feeding The Pigeons (1/11/1974)
  15. The Greening Of Aunt Fran (1/18/1974)
  16. The Cost Of Giving (1/25/1974)
  17. A Zircon In The Rough (2/1/1974)
  18. The Sour Grapevine (2/8/1974)
  19. Irreconcilable Sameness (2/15/1974)
  20. Three For The Road (2/22/1974)
  21. The Not So Good Samaritan (3/8/1974)
  22. The New Broom (3/15/1974)

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