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The Flying Nun TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a young woman named Sister Bertrille who had just entered a convent in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is known for its high winds and Sister Bertrille on weighed 90 pounds! That alone would have meant she'd have been blown around a bit but to make matters worse, the sisters all had to wear a large hat that had these "winglike" things off to each side. Consequently, the wind would pick her up right off the ground and we got a Flying Nun! She eventually learned to control her flying and used that ability to help people in need. She also found her share of trouble along the way!

The Flying Nun Cast

Sally Field .... Sister Bertrille
Marge Redmond .... Sister Jacqueline
Madeleine Sherwood .... Mother Superior Plaseato
Alejandro Rey .... Carlos Ramirez
Shelley Morrison .... Sister Sixto
Linda Dangcil .... Sister Ana
Michael Pataki .... Salazar

The Flying Nun Trivia

The Flying Nun was inspired by a book titled, "The Fifteenth Pelican".

The convent that Sister Bertrille joined in Puerto Rico was called, "San Tanco".

Patty Duke ("The Patty Duke Show") was offered the role of Sister Bertrille but she turned it down. Then they offered the role to Sally Field ("Brothers and Sisters") and she turned it down! Then it was offered to Ronne Troup but Sally Field contacted them to say she had changed her mind and they gave it to her.

Sister Jacqueline once said that she worked for an advertising company as a file clerk before she entered the convent.

On one episode of The Flying Nun, Sister Bertrille watches some home movies from when she was a teenager. For the home movies, they used film shot on her earlier TV show, "Gidget".

"Gidget", "The Flying Nun", and "Brothers and Sisters" were not the only TV shows that Sally Field has starred on. There was a fourth titled, "The Girl with Something Extra". Unfortunately, it only lasted one season.

Sister Bertrille was the only one in her family who did not become a doctor. Her sister (The Doctor) occasionally showed up on The Flying Nun and was portrayed by actress Elinor Donahue ("Father Knows Best").

As of the time of this writing (2008), Sally Field has the distinction of being one of only six actors/actresses to be nominated for two Oscars and won them both! (For "Norma Rae" in 1980 and "Places in the Heart" in 1985) The other five are, "Luise Rainer", "Vivien Leigh", "Helen Hayes", "Kevin Spacey", and "Hilary Swank".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

1... The Flying Nun - Part 1 (9/7/1967)
2... The Flying Nun - Part 2 (9/7/1967)
3... The Convert (9/14/1967)
4... Old Cars for New (9/21/1967)
5... A Bell for San Tanco (9/28/1967)
6... Fatal Hibiscus (10/5/1967)
7... Flight of a Dodo Bird (10/12/1967)
8... Polly Wants a Cracked Head (10/19/1967)
9... Ah Love, Could You and I Conspire (10/26/1967)
10. Days of Nuns and Roses (11/2/1967)
11. With Love from Irving (11/9/1967)
12. It's an Ill Wind (11/16/1967)
13. A Young Man with a Coronet (11/23/1967)
14. The Patron of Santa Thomasina (11/30/1967)
15. If You Want to Fly, Keep Your Coronet Dry (12//1967)
16. The Dig In (12/14/1967)
17. Walking in a Winter Wonderland (12/21/1967)
18. With a Friend Like Him (12/28/1967)
19. Tonio's Mother (1/4/1968)
20. A Fish Story (1/11/1968)
21. The Hot Spell (1/18/1968)
22. My Sister, the Sister (1/25/1968)
23. Sister Lucky (2/1/1968)
24. The Sister and the Old Salt (2/8/1968)
25. Cyrano de Bertrille (2/22/1968)
26. Reconversion of Sister Shapiro (2/29/1968)
27. Where There's a Will (3/14/1968)
28. The Puce Albert (3/21/1968)
29. May the Wind Be Always at Your Back (3/28/1968)
30. Love Me, Love My Dog (4/4/1968)
31. You Can't Get There from Here (4/11/1968)

Season 2

32. Song of Bertrille (9/26/1968)
33. The Crooked Convent (10/3/1968)
34. The Rabbi and the Nun (10/10/1968)
35. The Return of Father Lundigan (10/17/1968)
36. The Convent Is Condemned (10/24/1968)
37. A Star Is Reborn (10/31/1968)
38. The Organ Transplant (11/7/1968)
39. Two Bad Eggs (11/14/1968)
40. All Alone by the Convent Phone (11/21/1968)
41. It's an Ill Windfall (11/28/1968)
42. Slightly Hot Parking Meters (12/12/1968)
43. To Fly or Not to Fly (12/19/1968)
44. How to Be a Spanish Grandmother (12/26/1968)
45. The Landlord Cometh (1/2/1969)
46. Sister Socko in San Tanco (1/16/1969)
47. Great Casino Robbery - Part 1 (1/30/1969)
48. Great Casino Robbery - Part 2 (2/6/1969)
49. The Boyfriend (2/13/1969)
50. The Kleptomonkeyac (2/20/1969)
51. The Moo Is Blue (2/27/1969)
52. The Breakaway Monk (3/6/1969)
53. Happy Birthday, Dear Gaspar (3/13/1969)
54. Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters (3/20/1969)
55. The Convent Gets the Business (3/27/1969)
56. Cousins by the Dozens (4/3/1969)
57. The Lottery (4/10/1969)

Season 3

58. The Big Game (9/17/1969)
59. My Sister the Star (9/24/1969)
60. Speak the Speech, I Pray You (10/1/1969)
61. The Paolo Story (10/8/1969)
62. Marcello's Idol (10/15/1969)
63. Guess Who's Coming to Picket (10/22/1969)
64. The Not So Great Impostor (10/29/1969)
65. A Convent Full of Miracles (11/5/1969)
66. Hector and the Brass Band (11/12/1969)
67. The New Habit (11/19/1969)
68. Bertrille and the Silent Flicks (11/26/1969)
69. A Ticket for Bertrille (12/10/1969)
70. The New Carlos (12/17/1969)
71. Dear Aggie (12/31/1969)
72. My Sister, the Doctor (1/7/1970)
73. Armando and the Pool Table (1/23/1970)
74. Hello Columbus (1/30/1970)
75. The Dumbest Kid in School (2/6/1970)
76. Man's Best Friend Isn't (2/13/1970)
77. The Somnaviatrix (2/20/1970)
78. Papa Carlos (2/27/1970)
79. The Candid Commercial (3/6/1970)
80. A Gift for El Charro (3/13/1970)
81. When Generations Gap (3/20/1970)
82. Operation Population (3/27/1970)
83. No Tears for Mrs. Thomas (4/3/1970)

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