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The Flip Wilson Show Cast

Series Description

The Flip Wilson Show was a 60 minute comedy series on NBC that featured comic Flip Wilson and his wonderful characters in comedy skits with well known guest stars.

Flip Wilson Show Cast

Flip Wilson .... Himself / Miscellaneous Characters
John Harlan .... Himself / Announcer

Flip Wilson Show Trivia

Flip Wilson was the first black person to star in his own immensely popular comedy/variety show! It reached #2 in the ratings for its first two years on the air! That's even more impressive when you consider that during the first season the hit CBS series, "Family Affair" was in the same time slot and during the second season ABC put "Alias Smith and Jones" up against the Flip Wilson Show!

John Harlan is among the most renowned announcers in show business. Besides the Flip Wilson Show, he also announced on "Password", "The Merv Griffin Show", "Jeopard", "American Gladiators", "Name That Tune", and many others!

After years of no interest in rerunning episodes of the Flip Wilson Show, Flip himself decided to buy the rights to his series from NBC in the 1990s. He brilliantly decided to edit them down to 30 minutes, making them more attractive for reruns. After several years of working on them, they finally were broadcast on TV Land.

Flip Wilson's popularity was due to the characters he performed. The most popular by far was a sassy female named Geraldine Jones who was a loud-mouthed women's libber with a boyfriend who was so jealous of her that his name was "Killer"! That character was undoubtedly the most successful "cross-dressing" role since that of Milton Berle! Flip also played Gospel Reverend Leroy of the Church of What's Happening Now, Herbie the Good Time Ice Cream Man, and Danny Danger: Private Detective.

When Flip's character, Geraldine, would get caught doing something that wasn't so nice she would say, "The Devil Made Me Do It!" That phrase became commonly used for several years due to its popularity on the show.

The Flip Wilson Show was obviously a blast for the guest stars who were lucky enough to be invited on the show. A few of them were Lucille Ball, Ray Charles, Tim Conway, Bill Cosby, Bobby Darin, Red Foxx, The Osmonds, and Don Rickles.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. David Frost, James Brown, The Muppets (9/17/1970)
  2. Roy Clark, Bobby Darin, Stanley Myron, Denise Nicholas (9/24/1970)
  3. Lily Tomlin, Redd Foxx, The Tempatations, Roger Miller (10/1/1970)
  4. Perry Como, Charlie Callas, Denise Nicholas, Lola Falana (10/8/1970)
  5. Raymond Burr, Stanley Myron, The Muppets, Loretta Long, Sunday's Child (10/15/1970)
  6. Louis Armstrong (10/22/1970)
  7. Bill Cosby, Gina Lolabrigida (10/29/1970)
  8. Robert Goulet, Lola Falana, Robert Klein, Dean Martin (11/6/1970)
  9. Moms Mabley, Marcel Marceau, Arte Johnson, Doug Kershaw (11/13/1970)
  10. Bobby Darin, Charlie Pride, Ella Fitzgerald (11/26/1970)
  11. Stevie Wonder, Connie Stevens, John Byner, Johnny Brown (12/3/1970)
  12. Lena Horne, Tony Randall (12/10/1970)
  13. Sid Caesar, Bobby Darin, B.B. King (12/17/1970)
  14. Burl Ives, Slim Gaillard, Sha-Na-Na (12/24/1970)
  15. Bing Crosby, The Supremes, David Steinberg (1/7/1971)
  16. Steve Lawrence, Zero Mostel, Roberta Flack (1/14/1971)
  17. Muhammed Ali, Lily Tomlin, Bobby Darin (1/21/1971)
  18. Bill Cosby (1/28/1971)
  19. Joe Namath, George Carlin, Johnny Mathis (2/4/1971)
  20. Art Carney, Barbara Feldon (2/11/1971)
  21. Aretha Franklin, David Frost, Charlie Callas (2/18/1971)
  22. Don Rickles, Leslie Uggams, Ray Charles (2/25/1971)
  23. Diahann Carroll, Tim Conway, Robert Klein (3/4/1971)
  24. Lena Horne, George Carlin (3/11/1971)
  25. Lily Tomlin, Hamid Hamilton Camp, Gaylord & Holiday (3/18/1971)
  26. Tim Conway, Sandy Duncan, Johnny Brown (3/25/1971)
Season 2
  1. Lucille Ball, Ed Sullivan, Osmond Brothers (9/16/1971)
  2. George Gobel, Joan Rivers, Mahalia Jackson (9/23/1971)
  3. Raymond Burr, Ruth Gordon, Stevie Wonder (9/30/1971)
  4. Tim Conway, Ruth Buzzi, Erroll Garner (10/7/1971)
  5. George Carlin, Pat Boone & Family, Sugar Ray Robinson (10/14/1971)
  6. David Frost, Willie Tyler & Lester, The Supremes (10/21/1971)
  7. The Smothers Brothers, Melba Moore (10/28/1971)
  8. The Jackson 5, Lily Tomlin, Dr. David Rueben (11/4/1971)
  9. Dom Deluise, Diahann Carroll, The Muppets (11/11/1971)
  10. Tim Conway, Andy Griffith, Clara Ward (11/18/1971)
  11. Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Lena Horne (11/25/1971)
  12. Phyllis Diller, Tony Randall, Billy Eckstein (12/9/1971)
  13. Petula Clark, Redd Foxx, Roy Clark (12/16/1971)
  14. Marty Feldman, Melba Moore, Jimmy Osmond (12/23/1971)
  15. Carol Channing, David Steinberg, Modern Jazz Quartet (12/30/1971)
  16. Ray Charles, Dan Blocker, Clara Ward (1/6/1972)
  17. Tim Conway, Bobby Darrin, Redd Foxx (1/13/1972)
  18. George Carlin, Aretha Franklin, Dom Deluise (1/20/1972)
  19. Jim Brown, Johnny Cash, June Carter (1/27/1972)
  20. Barbara Feldon, Phil Silvers, B.B. King (2/3/1972)
  21. Sandy Duncan. Jim Nabors, Slappy White (2/10/1972)
  22. Roy Clark, Barbara McNair, Stiller & Meara (2/17/1972)
  23. Joe Namath, George Carlin (2/24/1972)
  24. Sammy Davis Jr. (3/2/1972)
  25. Lee Marvin, Ruth Buzzi, Jackie Vernon, Chi-Lites (3/9/1972)
  26. Tim Conway, Melba Moore, Bing Crosby (3/16/1972)
  27. Pearl Bailey, The Muppets, Jack Benny (3/23/1972)
  28. Tim Conway, The 5th Dimension (3/30/1972)
Season 3
  1. Melba Moore, Don Knotts, Dan Hicks & Hot Licks (9/27/1972)
  2. Burns & Schreiber, Ruth Buzzi, The Supremes (10/5/1972)
  3. Stiller & Meara, Bill Russell, Paul McCartney & Wings (Video) (10/12/1972)
  4. Diana Sands, David Steinberg, The Jackson 5 (10/19/1972)
  5. Carol Channing, Ed Asner, Donny Hathaway (10/26/1972)
  6. Don Adams, The Staple Singers, Roscoe Lee Brown (11/1/1972)
  7. Burt Reynolds, Roberta Flack, Tim Conway (11/8/1972)
  8. Frank Gorshin, Joan Rivers, The Temptations (11/15/1972)
  9. Raymond Burr, Dom Deluise, Gladys Knight & the Pips (11/22/1972)
  10. Dionne Warwick, Tony Randall, Burns & Schreiber (11/29/1972)
  11. Johnny Cash, June Carter, Jim Brown (12/5/1972)
  12. Tim Conway, Slappy White, Rita Coolidge, Kris Kristofferson (12/12/1972)
  13. Jim Nabors, James Coco, Barbara McNair (1/4/1973)
  14. Roscoe Lee Brown, Andy Griffith, Curtis Mayfield (1/11/1973)
  15. Marty Feldman, Taj Mahal, Howard Cosell, Sandy Duncan (1/18/1973)
  16. Sammy Davis Jr., Ed Sullivan, Marilyn Michaels (1/25/1973)
  17. Ray Charles, Phyllis Diller, The Committee (2/1/1973)
  18. Dom Deluise, Helen Reddy, Diana Sands & Kreskin (2/15/1973)
  19. Roy Clark, George Carlin, Della Reese (2/22/1973)
  20. Ed McMahon, Rich Little, Cicely Tyson, Bill Withers (3/1/1973)
  21. Tim Conway, Joe Namath, Papa John Creach (3/8/1973)
  22. Don Knotts, Richard Pryor (3/15/1973)
Season 4
  1. Buddy Hackett, Ruth Buzzi, Richard Pryor, William Attmore II (9/14/1973)
  2. The Pointer Sisters, Monty Hall, Sandy Duncan, William Windom (9/20/1973)
  3. Richard Pryor, Booby Sandler, Ralph Edwards, Nat Purefoy (9/27/1973)
  4. Redd Foxx, Joan Rivers (10/11/1973)
  5. Burns & Schreiber, Harry Belafonte, Falumi Prince (10/25/1973)
  6. Carol Lawrence, Robert Goulet, Slappy White (11/1/1973)
  7. Lee Grant, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Andrew Johnson, Hank Aaron (11/8/1973)
  8. Tim Conway, Richard Pryor & Roman K (11/15/1973)
  9. Leonard Nimoy, Tonald Mingo (11/22/1973)
  10. Tim Conway, Stiller & Meara, Aretha Franklin (11/29/1973)
  11. Burns & Schreiber, The Fifth Dimension (12/6/1973)
  12. Anthony Newley, Jack Klugman, Roscoe Lee Brown, Franklin Ajaye (12/13/1973)
  13. Chuck Norris, Ted Knight, Philip Paley (12/20/1973)
  14. Roy Clark, Bobby Sandler, Melba Moore (12/27/1973)
  15. Steve Lawrence, Richard Pryor, Kenny Livingston, Keyy Lester (1/3/1974)
  16. Dennis Weaver, O.J. Simpson, Len Glasgow, Ernie Robinson (1/10/1974)
  17. Don Adams, Redd Foxx, Mac Davis (1/17/1974)
  18. Tony Randall, Lena Horne, Bob & Ray (1/24/1974)

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