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The Alias Smith and Jones TV show was a 60 minute western action series on ABC about two bank & train robbers named Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry who were offered amnesty for their past crimes if they would simply stop committing crimes for one year. The only other "catch" was that they weren't allowed to tell anyone about the amnesty offer. Anyway, they changed their names to Joshua Smith and Thaddeus Jones and blended into the law-abiding public. Meanwhile, the law enforcement officers and bounty hunters who did't know about the amnesty deal were still trying to find them.

Alias Smith and Jones Cast

Pete Duel .... Hannibal Heyes / Joshua Smith (1971-1972)
Ben Murphy .... Jed 'Kid' Curry / Thaddeus Jones
Roger Davis .... Narrator (1971-1972) / Hannibal Heyes - Joshua Smith (1972-1973)
Ralph Story .... Narrator (1972-1973)
Sally Field .... Clementine Hale

Alias Smith and Jones Opening Narrative

(Note: Voices Were Ben Murphy as Kid Curry and Peter Deuel as Hannibal Heyes.)

Narrator: "Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west. And in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone. This made our two Kansas cousins very popular with everyone but the railroads and the banks."

(Note: Posse is chasing Hayes and Curry!)

Kid Curry: "There's one thing we've got to get, Heyes."
Hannibal Heyes: "What's that?"
Kid Curry: "Out of this business!"

(Note: Now in an office in the State Capital Building)

Governor's Assistant: "The Governor can't come flat out and give you amnesty now. First you've got to prove you deserve it."
Hannibal Heyes: "So all we've got to do is stay out of trouble until the Governor figures we deserve amnesty?"
Kid Curry: "But in the meantime we'll still be wanted?"
Governor's Assistant: "Well that's true. Til then only you, me and the Governor will know about it. It'll be our secret."
Hannibal Heyes: "Hah, that's a good deal?"

(Note: Now with another posse chasing them!)

Kid Curry: (As another posse begins chasing them) "I sure wish the governor would let more people in on our secret."

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