The FBI Cast

There are several other shows about the FBI that all aired on CBS! This was the first one which premiered in 1965. Then in January of 2020 they introduced, "FBI: Most Wanted" and then "FBI: International" in September of 2021.

Series Description

The FBI TV show was a 60 minute crime drama series that aired on ABC for 9 seasons from 1965-1974. It was based on actual FBI cases! Inspector Lewis Erskine and his team would tackle another tough case each week that seemed nearly impossible to resolve.

The FBI Cast

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. .... Inspector Lewis Erskine
Stephen Brooks .... Special Agent Jim Rhodes
Philip Abbott .... Arthur Ward
William Woodson .... Narrator
William Reynolds .... Special Agent Tom Colby (Seasons 3-9)
Lynn Loring .... Barbara Erskine (Season 1)
Shelly Novack .... Chris Daniels (Season 9)

The FBI Trivia

Ironically, the Watergate fiasco and resignation of President Richard Nixon may have been partially responsible for the cancellation of The FBI. The American people's distrust of anyone in government was at an all time high when The FBI left the airwaves in the spring of 1974. The whole premise of the show was that the dedicated, loyal FBI agents had only the U.S. citizen's best interests in mind and that just didn't work anymore!

There was no lack of vintage cars to chase criminals and sometimes crash on the FBI TV show. The series' sponsor was the Ford Motor Company and they supplied all of the necessary Ford classics!

Quinn Martin Productions (in conjunction with Warner Brother Television) produced The FBI. They had formerly produced "The New Breed (1961)", "The Fugitive (1963)", and "12 O'Clock High (1964)".

Quinn Maritn allowed the real FBI chief at the time, "J. Edgar Hoover", to supervise the scripts and ensure that true FBI procedures were used on the show!

At the end of every FBI episode, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. would ask the audience for their help in catching criminals.

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