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The Earth Final Conflict TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series that aired in syndication. It was about an alien race called the "Taelons" who visitied Earth in the early tweny-first century. They offered to freely share their advanced technology with us but some soon found reasons to believe that the Taelons' true intent might be evil! A cop named William Boone was invited to become a liason officer between the Taelons and we Earthlings after he prevented the assassination of the Taelon in charge of North American relations. In that position, Boone was able to help the human resistance movement find out what the Taelons were really up to!

Earth Final Conflict Cast

Kevin Kilner .... William Boone
Robert Leeshock .... Liam Kincaid
Lisa Howard .... Captain Lili Marquette
David Hemblen .... Jonathan Doors
Von Flores .... Agent Ronald Sandoval
Majel Barrett .... Dr. Julianne Belman
Richard Chevolleau .... Augur
Montse Viader .... Maiya
Jayne Heitmeyer .... Renee Palmer
Leni Parker .... Da'an
Anita La Selva .... Zo'or

Earth Final Conflict Trivia

The Taelons called themselves the "Companions". They appeared to have both male and female characteristics.

Earth Final Conflict was created by Gene Roddenberry who also created the "Star Trek" series. Majel Barrett who played the role of "Dr. Julianne Belman" on Earth Final Conflict was married to Gene for nearly 22 years when he passed away in 1991. If you look on Dr Belman's desk on the show, you'll see a picture of Gene Roddenberry! Majel has been involved in most every series created by her husband. Her voice was used for the Starship Enterprise computer on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and she also played the role of "Lwaxana Troi", the mother of "Ship's Counselor Deanna Troi". Remember the woman who always wanted to "get it on" with Captain Picard? Majel also provided the voice for the space station's computer on "Deep Space Nine", and, again, for the spaceship on "Voyager". Majel even played "Nurse Chapel" on the original Star Trek series! She was also the Executive Producer on another series conceived by her husband titles, "Andromeda".

Earth Final Conflict was not the first choice for a title. Originally, "Battleground Earth" was to be the title but it was changed when the producers felt it was too similar to the novel "Battlefield: Earth" written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. "Battlefield: Earth" was also released as a movie in 2000 that did horrible at the box office. Critics often site it as one of the worst movies ever made.

While Gene Roddenberry is cited as the creator of both Earth Final Conflict and Andromeda, both of those series never even entered the planning stages before Roddenberry passed away in 1991. In both cases, however, he had jotted down ideas for both series on restaurant napkins, tiny pieces of paper, and receipts. Any time he got another idea he'd just jot it down on whatever was readily available on throw the notes in a box.

Earth Final Conflict was nominated for 17 miscellaneous awards and won three of them. Most of those were for cinematography, lighting, theme music, etc. It won three awards out of the 17 nominations. The only nomination that Earth Final Conflict got for best series was a Saturn Award in 1998 for "Best Genre Cable/Syndicated Series". Unfortunately, the 1995-2002 version of "The Outer Limits" won that award.

One of the things that really hurt Earth Final Conflict was the numerous changes in Cast. Viewers would just get into a character and then they were gone! Nearly every one of the main characters were disposed of after only one or two seasons on the series! The only regular cast member who made it for the entire five seasons was "Von Flores" who played "Agent Ronald Sandoval".

Earth Final Conflict Opening Narrative

Version #1: "Three years ago they came, forever altering the future of humanity. William Boone's life has been destroyed. A man caught between two worlds. Assigned protector to the Companions; undercover agent for the Liberation. An alien implanted cyber-virus expands his mind. Controlling a bio-engineered weapon of unprecedented power, William Boone searches for the Truth."

Version #2: "They are the Companions. Aliens come to Earth on a mission of peace. Their true mission, the secrets they hide, forever altering humanity. Caught in the struggle between these Taelon Companions and the Human resistance is Liam Kincaid, a man whose more than human. The mystery of his past hold the key to Earth's future and the fate of mankind on Earth: Final Conflict."

Version #3: "They have come to Earth with the promise of peace. An alien race called the Taelons. But there are those who resist these alien companions. For the Taelon's true mission, the secrets they hide, will forever alter our world. The fate of humanity now lies on those who dare challenge the future of Earth."

Version #4: "In the 21st century, an alien species, known as the Taelons, came to earth with the promise of peace...They lied. Their true agenda was to dominate us. After years of struggle, the Taelons have perished, leaving more aggressive beings in their wake -- the Atavus. My name is Renee Palmer. My mission is to stop this new species from dominating our planet. This is Earth's final conflict."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

1... Decision (10/6/1997)
2... Truth (10/13/1997)
3... Miracle (10/20/1997)
4... Avatar (10/27/1997)
5... Old Flame (11/3/1997)
6... Float Like A Butterfly (11/10/1997)
7... Resurrection (11/17/1997)
8... Horizon Zero (11/24/1997)
9... Scorpion's Dream (12/29/1997)
10. Live Free Or Die (1/5/1998)
11. The Scarecrow Returns (1/12/1998)
12. Sandoval's Run (1/19/1998)
13. The Secret Of Strandhill (2/2/1998)
14. Pandora's Box (2/9/1998)
15. If You Could Read My Mind (2/16/1998)
16. Wrath Of Achilles (2/23/1998)
17. The Devil You Know (4/13/1998)
18. Law & Order (4/13/1998)
19. Through The Looking Glass (4/27/1998)
20. Infection (5/4/1998)
21. Destruction (5/11/1998)
22. The Joining (5/18/1998)

Season 2

23. The First Of Its Kind (10/5/1998)
24. Atavus (10/12/1998)
25. A Stitch In Time (10/19/1998)
26. Dimensions (10/26/1998)
27. Moonscape (11/2/1998)
28. Sleepers (11/9/1998)
29. Fissures (11/16/1998)
30. Redemption (11/23/1998)
31. Isabel (12/28/1998)
32. Between Heaven & Hell (1/11/1999)
33. The Gauntlet (1/18/1999)
34. One Man's Castle (1/25/1999)
35. Second Chances (2/1/1999)
36. Payback (2/8/1999)
37. Friendly Fire (2/15/1999)
38. Volunteers (2/22/1999)
39. Bliss (3/1/1999)
40. Hijacked (4/19/1999)
41. Defectors (4/26/1999)
42. Heroes & Heartbreak (5/3/1999)
43. Message In A Bottle (5/10/1999)
44. Crossfire (5/17/1999)

Season 3

45. Crackdown (10/4/1999)
46. The Vanished (10/11/1999)
47. Emancipation (10/18/1999)
48. Deja Vu (10/25/1999)
49. Once And Future World (11/1/1999)
50. Thicker Than Blood (11/8/1999)
51. A Little Bit Of Heaven (11/15/1999)
52. Pad' Ar (11/22/1999)
53. In Memory (11/29/1999)
54. The Cloister (12/6/1999)
55. Interview (1/17/2000)
56. Keep Your Enemies Closer (1/24/2000)
57. Subterfuge (1/31/2000)
58. Scorched Earth (2/7/2000)
59. Sanctuary (2/14/2000)
60. Through Your Eyes (2/21/2000)
61. Time Bomb (2/28/2000)
62. The Fields (4/17/2000)
63. Apparition (4/24/2000)
64. One Taelon Ave. (5/1/2000)
65. Abduction (5/8/2000)
66. The Arrival (5/15/2000)

Season 4

67. The Forge Of Creation (10/2/2000)
68. Sins Of The Father (10/9/2000)
69. First Breath (10/16/2000)
70. Limbo (10/23/2000)
71. Motherlode (10/30/2000)
72. Take No Prisoners (11/6/2000)
73. Second Wave (11/13/2000)
74. Essence (11/20/2000)
75. Phantom Companion (11/27/2000)
76. Dream Stalker (12/4/2000)
77. Lost Generation (1/15/2001)
78. The Summit (1/22/2001)
79. Dark Matter (1/29/2001)
80. The Keys To The Kingdom (2/5/2001)
81. Street Chase (2/12/2001)
82. Trapped By Time (2/19/2001)
83. Atonement (2/26/2001)
84. Blood Ties (4/16/2001)
85. Hearts And Minds (4/23/2001)
86. Epiphany (4/30/2001)
87. Dark Horizons (5/7/2001)
88. Point Of No Return (5/14/2001)

Season 5

89. Unearthed (10/1/2001)
90. Pariahs (10/8/2001)
91. The Seduction (10/15/2001)
92. Subterra (10/22/2001)
93. Boone's Awakening (10/29/2001)
94. Termination (11/5/2001)
95. Guilty Conscience (11/12/2001)
96. Boone's Assassin (11/19/2001)
97. Entombed (11/26/2001)
98. Legacy (1/14/2002)
99. Death Suite (1/21/2002)
100. Atavus High (1/28/2002)
101. Deep Sleep (2/4/2002)
102. Art Of War (2/11/2002)
103. Grave Danger (2/18/2002)
104. Deportation (2/25/2002)
105. Honor And Duty (4/8/2002)
106. Bad Genes (4/15/2002)
107. Subversion (4/22/2002)
108. Street Wise (4/29/2002)
109. The Journey (5/6/2002)
110. Final Conflict (5/13/2002)

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