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The Double Trouble TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about identical twin 17-year-old sisters who lived in Des Moines, Iowa with their father. One of them was serious and conscientious about life while the other was easy-going and carefree. They constantly got in and out of trouble while driving dad crazy! By the second season, they had made the transition to young adulthood and moved to New York City to live with their aunt and make adult lives for themselves.

Double Trouble Cast

Jean Sagal .... Kate Foster
Liz Sagal .... Allison Foster
Donnelly Rhodes .... Art Foster (First Season)
Patricia Richardson .... Beth McConnell (First Season)
Jon Caliri .... Michael Gillette (First Season)
Barbara Barrie .... Aunt Margo (Second Season)
James Vallely .... Charles Kincaid (Second Season)
Jonathan Schmock .... Billy Batalato (Second Season)
Anne-Marie Johnson .... Aileen Lewis (Second Season)
Michael D. Roberts .... Mr. Arrechia (Second Season)

Double Trouble Trivia

Jean and Liz Sagal played twin sisters on Double Trouble and were also real-life twin sisters. They also share a real-life older sister, "Katey Sagal" who you might know best as "Peg Bundy" on the TV series, "Married With Children".

The Double Trouble TV show was an attempt at updating the earlier successful Parent Trap movie and TV's "The Patty Duke Show". Both of those were also about twins who consistently find trouble.

You might remember Barbara Barrie who played "Aunt Margo" on Double Trouble from her role as "Helen 'Nana' Keane" on the TV series, "Suddenly Susan" or from another role as "Elizabeth Miller" on the series, "Barney Miller".

Kate and Allison's dad, "Art Foster", operated a combination dance studio and health club in Des Moines. Their Aunt Margo wrote children's books for a living. When the twins got to New York, Kate pursued an acting career and Allison went to design school.

Double Trouble nearly ended after its first, 8-episode season. NBC decided not to pick it up for the 1984-1985 season but then brought it back in December as a mid-season replacement.

Jean Sagal would later go on to work behind the camera as a technical coordinator on "Just Shoot Me" and "Two and a Half Men". On Two and a Half Men she has also filled the job of associate director on numerous episodes and she was the head director for a few episodes on both series!

Jean and Liz Segal's real-life mother, "Sara Zwilling" had been a beauty queen before becoming one of Hollywood's first female producers! Sadly, Sara died of heart problems when the girls were just 11-years-old! Their dad, "Boris Sagal", was a director who is probably best known for his movie, "The Omega Man" and his TV miniseries, "Rich Man, Poor Man". As if the girls hadn't suffered enough grief, Boris died prematurely when he walked into the tail rotor of a helicopter as he was getting out of it.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. One Drives, the Other Doesn't (4/4/1984)
  2. Lust (4/11/1984)
  3. First Day (4/18/1984)
  4. Bad Chemistry (4/25/1984)
  5. Dueling Feet (5/2/1984)
  6. Separate Birthdays (5/16/1984)
  7. Hearthache (5/23/1984)
  8. Bombshell (5/30/1984)
Season 2
  1. If We Can Make It Here ... (12/1/1984)
  2. Do You Believe in Magic? (12/8/1984)
  3. Dream Girls (12/15/1984)
  4. O Come All Ye Faithful (12/22/1984)
  5. Man for Margo (1/5/1985)
  6. The Boy Next Door (1/12/1985)
  7. Memories (1/19/1985)
  8. Two Girls for Every Boy (1/26/1985)
  9. The Write Stuff (2/2/1985)
  10. Commercial Break (2/9/1985)
  11. Old Movies (2/16/1985)
  12. September Song (2/23/1985)
  13. Funny Girl (3/2/1985)
  14. The Day of the Rose (3/23/1985)
  15. Where's Poppa? (3/30/1985)

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