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Series Description

The Dinosaurs TV show was a comedy series that was created by Jim Henson ("The Muppet Show") for Disney Studios. The Sinclairs were a working-class family of dinosaurs with all of today's modern conveniences and social problems. They keep their food (often still alive) in the refridgerator and watch their favorite shows on television. Stone-aged type humans are the wild animals and sometimes family pets. Dad has to deal with a boss that would make Scrooge look like mother Teresa and a daughter who is reminisent of a valley girl and a son with a purple mohawk hairstyle! It was pretty much a typical sitcom with dinosaurs for Cast as a twist!

Dinosaurs Characters


Stuart Pankin .... Earl Sneed Sinclair
Jessica Walter .... Fran Sinclair
Sally Struthers .... Charlene Sinclair
Jason Willinger .... Robbie Mark Sinclair
Florence Stanley .... Grandma Ethel Phillips
Sherman Hemsley .... Bradley "B.P." Richfield
Sam McMurray .... Roy Hess
Kevin Clash .... The Baby
Suzie Plakson .... Monica DiVertibrae
Michelan Sisti .... Charlene Sinclair
Pons Maar .... Roy Hess
Leif Tilden .... Robbie Sinclair

Dinosaurs Trivia

Jim Henson was inspired to create the Dinosaurs TV show after seeing the technology developed by "Jim Henson's Creature Shop" for the 1990 movie, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

Note that many of the Dinosaurs characters' last names are the names of oil companies ... Sinclair, Phillips, Hess, and BP!

Seven episodes of the Dinosaurs TV show did not air during their initial run due to cancellation of the series. They did, however, air later in syndication. Their titles were, "Scent of a Reptile", "Earl and Pearl", "Life in the Faust Lane", "Variations on a Theme Park", "Working Girl", "Into the Woods", and "Georgie Must Die".

Among his many other series and credits, you may remember Stuart Pankin as the vice principal on the series, "Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher".

Grandma Ethel's maiden name was Hinkleman.

Jason Alexander ("Seinfeld") did guest starring voices on seven episodes of Dinosaurs! Each time he did a different character! Those were the first times that Jason performed characters' voice professionally, but it didn't stop there! He went to do many voices in major motion pictures and on television!

Do you remember seeing Jessica Walter during her seven years on the hit series, "Trapper John, M.D."?

At the beginning of Dinosaurs, the characters' ages were: Earl - 43. Fran - 38. Robbie - 14. Charlene - 12. Baby - 1.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Dinosaurs - The First Season

  1. The Mighty Megalosaurus (4/26/1991)
  2. The Mating Dance (5/3/1991)
  3. Hurling Day (5/10/1991)
  4. High Noon (5/17/1991)
  5. The Howling (5/24/1991)
Dinosaurs - The Second Season
  1. Golden Child (9/18/1991)
  2. Family Challenge (9/25/1991)
  3. I Never Ate For My Father (10/2/1991)
  4. Charlene's Tale (10/9/1991)
  5. Endangered Species (10/16/1991)
  6. Employee Of The Month (10/23/1991)
  7. When Food Goes Bad (10/30/1991)
  8. Career Opportunities (11/6/1991)
  9. Unmarried... With Children (11/13/1991)
  10. How To Pick Up Girls (11/20/1991)
  11. Switched At Birth (11/27/1991)
  12. Refrigerator Day (12/11/1991)
  13. What Sexual Harris Meant (12/18/1991)
  14. Fran Live (1/8/1992)
  15. Power Erupts (1/15/1992)
  16. The Clip Show (1/22/1992)
  17. A New Leaf (2/5/1992)
  18. The Last Temptation Of Ethyl (2/12/1992)
  19. Nuts To War - Part 1 (2/19/1992)
  20. Nuts To War - Part 2 (2/26/1992)
  21. Slave To Fashion (3/20/1992)
  22. And The Winner Is ... (3/27/1992)
  23. Leader Of The Pack (4/24/1992)
  24. Wesayso Knows Best (5/8/1992)
Dinosaurs - The Third Season
  1. Nature Calls (9/18/1992)
  2. Dirty Dancing (9/25/1992)
  3. Baby Talk (10/2/1992)
  4. Network Genius (10/16/1992)
  5. The Discovery (10/23/1992)
  6. Little Boy Boo (10/30/1992)
  7. Germ Warfare (11/6/1992)
  8. Hungry For Love (11/13/1992)
  9. License To Parent (11/20/1992)
  10. Charlene's Flat World (12/4/1992)
  11. Wilderness Weekend (12/18/1992)
  12. The Son Also Rises (1/8/1993)
  13. Getting To Know You (1/15/1993)
  14. Green Card (1/29/1993)
  15. Out Of The Frying Pan (2/5/1993)
  16. Steroids To Heaven (2/12/1993)
  17. Honey, I Miss The Kids (2/19/1993)
  18. Swamp Music (2/26/1993)
  19. If You Were A Tree (4/18/1993)
  20. We Are Not Alone (4/25/1993)
  21. The Clip Show II (7/2/1993)
  22. Charlene And Her Amazing Humans (8/20/1993)
Dinosaurs - The Fourth Season
  1. Monster Under The Bed (6/1/1994)
  2. Earl, Don't Be A Hero (6/8/1994)
  3. The Greatest Story Ever Sold (6/22/1994)
  4. Driving Miss Ethyl (6/29/1994)
  5. Earl's Big Jackpot (7/6/1994)
  6. Terrible Twos (7/13/1994)
  7. Changing Nature (7/20/1994)

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