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Series Description

The David Cassidy: Man Undercover TV show was a police action series about a cop who looked young enough to pose undercover as a minor. This allowed him to solve crimes taking place in schools and other locations where an adult would be suspect. He was actually in his twenties, married, and had a daughter.


David Cassidy .... Officer Dan Sheay
Simon Oakland .... Lieutenant Abrams
Wendy Rastatter .... Joanne Shay
Elizabeth Reddin .... Cindy
Ray Vitte .... T.J. Epps


David Cassidy: Man Undercover was a "spin-off" from David's emmy-nominated guest-starring role on the series, "Police Story (1973)".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Pilot Movie

A Chance To Live (5/28/1978) (2 Hours)

The First And Only Season

  1. Running The Hill (11/2/1978)
  2. Baby Makes Three (11/9/1978)
  3. Cage Of Steel (11/16/1978)
  4. Deadly Convoy (11/23/1978)
  5. Flashpoint (12/7/1978)
  6. Prescription For Dying (12/21/1978)
  7. Firestorm (12/28/1978)
  8. Teammates (1/4/1979)
  9. Nightwork (1/11/1979)
  10. Death Is A Close Friend, Too (1/18/1979)

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