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Damon Runyon Theatre TV Show

Donald Woods
Host of Damon Runyon Theatre

Series Description

This TV show was a 30 minute anthology drama series on CBS of stories based on Damon Runyon's books about the shady side of life in New York City during the 1920's and 1930's.

Damon Runyon Theatre Cast

Donald Woods .... Host

Damon Runyon Theatre Trivia

After the series ended in February of 1956, repeats of the Damon Runyon Theatre aired through the month of June.

The Daymon Runyon Theatre was co-produced by Screen Gems' television subsidiary that operated from 1948-1974. Screen Gems brought a whopping fifty TV series to audiences during that period! Some of the better known series include "Bewitched", "The Flintstones", "I Dream of Jeannie" and "The Partridge Family".

The sponsor for the Damon Runyon Theatre was Anheuser-Busch and specifically Budweiser beer throughout the series.

There was also a Damon Runyon Theatre radio show that aired one episode per week throughout the entire year of 1949 for a total of 52 episodes.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pick The winner (4/16/1955)
  2. Dancing Dan's Christmas (4/23/1955)
  3. All Is Not Gold (4/30/1955)
  4. The Lacework Kid (5/7/1955)
  5. Numbers And Figures (5/14/1955)
  6. Tobias The Terrible (5/21/1955)
  7. Old Em's Kentucky Home (5/28/1955)
  8. Lonely Heart (6/4/1955)
  9. It Comes Up Money (6/11/1955)
  10. The Big Umbrella (6/18/1955)
  11. Big Shoulders (6/25/1955)
  12. Teacher's Pet (7/2/1955)
  13. The Mink Doll (7/9/1955)
  14. Bunny On The Beach (7/16/1955)
  15. The Big Fix (7/23/1955)
  16. A Light In France (7/30/1955)
  17. A Nice Price (8/6/1955)
  18. Small Town Caper (8/13/1955)
  19. There's No Forever (8/20/1955)
  20. Earthquake Morgan (8/27/1955)
Season 2
  1. Bred For Battle (10/15/1955)
  2. Miami Moolah (10/22/1955)
  3. Situation Wanted (10/29/1955)
  4. A Star Lights Up (11/5/1955)
  5. Broadway Dateline (11/12/1955)
  6. A Job For The Macarone (10/26/1955)
  7. Barbecue (12/3/1955)
  8. Honorary Degree (12/10/1955)
  9. Dog About Town (12/17/1955)
  10. Blonde Mink (12/24/1955)
  11. Judy The Jinx (12/31/1955)
  12. The Face Of Johnny Dolliver (1/7/1955)
  13. Cleo (1/14/1955)
  14. The Good Luck Kid (1/21/1955)
  15. The Pee Wees Take Over (1/28/1955)
  16. The Pigeon Gets Plucked (2/4/1956)
  17. A Tale 0f Two Citizens (2/11/1956)
  18. Hot 0il (2/18/1956)
  19. Miracle Jones (2/25/1956)

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