Crusader Cast

Series Description

The Crusader TV show was a 30 minute drama series on CBS about a man named Matt Anders who devoted his life to helping people escape to freedom from behind the "Iron Curtain" or those who were stuck under the rule of a dictator.

Crusader Cast

Brian Keith .... Matt Anders

Crusader Opening Narrative

Crusader records the struggle of democratic people against the enemies of freedom and justice, at home and abroad. These are the stories of the people who have been helped by the many great organizations which are dedicated to bringing truth to those who are fed lies, light to those who live in darkness, protection to those who live in fear.

Crusader Trivia

The reason that Matt Anders was so compelled to save oppressed people from Communism and dictatorships was that his Polish mother had been sent to a concentration camp by the Soviet Union after World War II ended and she died there. That inspired him to prevent others from suffering that type of inhumane treatment.

The Crusader TV show aired from 9:00 to 9:30PM on Friday evenings, right after the hit comedy series, "Our Miss Brooks".

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