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The Criminal Minds TV show is a 60 minute action series on CBS about a team of FBI profilers who get inside the heads of the worst criminals in the U.S. By analyzing their past movements, personal relationships, and motivations the squad of specialists hope to determine what the evil-doers' next moves will be BEFORE they make them!

Criminal Minds Cast

Shemar Moore .... Derek Morgan (2005-)
Matthew Gray Gubler .... Dr. Spencer Reid (2005-)
Thomas Gibson .... Aaron Hotchner (2005-)
Kirsten Vangsness .... Penelope Garcia (2005-)
A.J. Cook .... Jennifer Jareau (2005-)
Joe Mantegna .... David Rossi (2007-)
Paget Brewster .... Emily Prentiss (2006-)
Jeanne Tripplehorn .... Alex Blake (2012-)
Kerr Smith .... Frank Cowles (2014-)
Jennifer Love Hewitt .... Kate Callahan (2014-)
Jon Barton .... Swat Leader (2005-2009)
Mandy Patinkin .... Jason Gideon (2005-2007)

Criminal Minds Trivia

Fans were shocked when the star of Criminal Minds (Mandy Patinkin) just decided one day to not show up for work anymore and left the hit show! Mandy told every single cast member that he had personal reasons for ending his role on Criminal Minds. While he never came right out and said, most who know Mandy as a caring, sensitive person feel that the show was a bit more violent than he could bring himself to be associated with and he felt he had to leave. Producers rarely hire an actor who abandoned a starring role on a hit series and it did take four years but in 2011, Mandy did nab another starring role on the Shotime series, "Homeland".

Mandy Patinkin played another character on the series, "Dead Like Me" that had common interests with his character on Criminal Minds. They both loved art and they both were excellent cooks.

There were three episodes between the time that Patinkin left and Joe Mantegna took over as the star of Criminal Minds. For those three episodes only, Thomas Gibson was given credit as the "star" of the series.

Dr. Spencer Reid is a genius who graduated from high school at age twelve! Matthew Gray Gubler who plays Reid on Criminal Minds has stated that he feels Reid may have Asperger's Syndrome and maybe even a slight case of Schizophernia as Reid's mother was a schizophrenic.

This TV series was originally going to be titled, "Quantico" before being changed to Criminal Minds.

Mug shots of real life murderers are shown in the opening credits of Criminal Minds. Among them are John Wayne Gacy (Raped and killed at least 33 teenage boys and young men), Theodore John Kaczynski ("The Unabomber"), Charles Manson (Conspired to kill seven people), Timothy McVeigh (Killed 168 people in a truck bombing), Lee Harvey Oswald (President Kennedy's Assassin), Richard Ramirez ("The Night Stalker") and Susan Smith (Killed her two young children).

For those who wondered why Lola Glaudini who played Elle Greenaway left the cast after only 28 episodes, she simply missed her life in her native New York City while filming Criminal Minds all the way across the U.S. in Los Angeles.

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